Allegra 180mg

Allegra 180mg

Allegra 180mg
What is Allegra 180?
Allegra 180 refers to the 180 mg dose of fexofenadine (generic name for Allegra medication). Allegra 180 comes in tablet form and must be ingested orally. Allegra 180 is a powerful antihistamine that quells seasonal allergy symptoms (particularly those related to hay fever), including itchy or runny nose, itchy throat, sneezing and itchy, red or watery eyes. In addition to these application purposes, Allegra 180 is used to fight hives. 
How do I Use Allegra 180 mg?
You should take Allegra 180 orally once a day with or without food. Allegra 180 mg dosage instructions will vary based on a case by case circumstance; regardless of the particulars it is essential that you follow the directions found on your prescription label or those provided by your medical doctor. 
Ingesting Allegra 180 with grapefruit, orange or apple juice is not suggested, for it will decrease the absorption of the drug in the bloodstream. Also, you will want to avoid other antacids containing magnesium and aluminum within two hours of consuming Allegra 180. You should only take Allegra 180 with a full glass of water. 
IN addition to the above consumption instructions, you should not take more or less of Allegra 180 than as prescribed by your doctor. Failure to adhere to your doctor’s dosage directions can lead to the formation of pestering Allegra allergy side effects. If the side effects Allegra 180 mg is severe or persistent you should discontinue use and immediately contact your medical doctor for further instruction. In general, dosage of Allegra 180 is based on your medical condition and response to treatment. 
Side Effects of Allegra 180 mg:
Side Effects of Allegra 180 mg include: menstrual cramps, cough, fever, stuffy nose, dizziness, earaches, upset stomach and headaches. If any of these Allegra allergy side effects persist or worsen, your doctor or pharmacist should be promptly notified. The majority of Allegra 180 mg users will not experience these side effects; however, there presence is elastic to your ability to follow intake instructions—if you take more or less of the drug as prescribed, the likelihood of developing side effects will increase. 
Allegra 180 MG Precautions: 
Before taking Allegra 180 mg, you must tell your doctor if you are allergic to fexofenadine or other drugs. Before using Allegra 180, inform your doctor of your medical history (your doctor will want to know of any kidney problems). You must limit alcohol consumption while taking Allegra 180. Please discuss the benefits and risks of Allegra 180 mg with your pharmacist or doctor.  
If an Allegra overdose is expected, please contact your local emergency room or poison control center as soon as possible. In the United States, the national Poison Hotline can be reached at 1-800-222-1222. 




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