Adderall Abuse

Adderall Abuse

Adderall Abuse

A Brief Overview of Adderall abuse

When the prescription drug Adderall is used for purposes other than helping manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or narcolepsy, the potential consequences are very serious. Adderall abuse can take the form of taking more of the medication than instructed by a physician or ingesting it an orifice other than the mouth. Most commonly, this kind of misuse takes the form of snorting the drug. Any type of Adderall abuse poses serious risks to your health.

There are several reasons that this kind of misuse of medication occurs. Adderall abuses are sometimes committed by people in high-stress situations, such as college students studying for exams or those with a great deal of work to commit quickly. The drug is taken for the purpose of concentrating for extended periods of time.

Another form of Adderall abuse is taking the drug to lose weight. While weight loss is a known potential side effect of taking the medication, this is not its intended purpose. Adderall abuse can also be committed to use the drug for recreational purposes. Despite its legal use, it acts much like cocaine or other amphetamines in this light.

Daily ingestion that exceeds 40 milligrams (maximum daily dose) is legally defined as Adderall abuse. The risks, associated with Adderall abuse, are compounded if the drug is crushed and snorted. This type of Adderall abuse creates the potential nasal infection, since the drug is not sterile.

Adderall abuse is often committed by people who have not been prescribed the drug (constitutes illegal use). If you purchase tablets from another person or over the internet, you may not be given accurate information about the dosage of the drug. This means that while committing Adderall abuse, you increase your risk of heart attack, stroke and other adverse side effects.

Whatever the way in which the drug is misused, the potential consequences go beyond immediate physical harm. Even if you only commit Adderall abuse occasionally, the drug has habit-forming properties. Repeated misuse of the drug can create an addictive and destructive habit. Routine Adderall abuses will also create the potential for difficulty if you cease usage and experience severe withdrawal problems.

If you disregard a physician's instructions concerning use or use the drug without a prescription, you will have no legal options if harmful health effects occur. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for the negative effects of Adderall abuse. This means that you will not be able to obtain compensation for medical expenses through litigation. Additionally, if you are arrested for possession of drugs purchased without a prescription for the goal of committing Adderall abuses, you may be charged with criminal possession of drugs. To guard against medical and legal consequences, avoid the temptation to commit Adderall abuse.





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