Celebrex and Alcohol

Celebrex and Alcohol

Celebrex and Alcohol
A brief guide to Celebrex and alcohol
All prescription medications are associated with certain risks during treatment. Celebrex, the popular pain relief drug, is no exception.
The interaction of alcohol and Celebrex is dangerous because it augments the risks of developing an ulcer or internal bleeding. Physicians, before prescribing the drug, must clearly explain the dangers of combining Celebrex and alcohol to prospective patients.
It is important to understand that there is no safe combination of alcohol and Celebrex. You cannot reduce your risk for creating an ulcer with the combination of Celebrex and alcohol by consuming a small amount of alcohol.
Celebrex by itself carries significant side effects, including internal bleeding and ulceration. That being said, combining Celebrex and alcohol will invariably increase the risk of such side effects. 
The mixture of alcohol and Celebrex is not the only way to increase the danger of the drug's side effects. Smokers or those patients in poor health in general are also at risk of developing these gastrointestinal conditions. Additionally, the elderly are at risk for being inflicted with these side effects even if they do not combine Celebrex and alcohol.
Patients who formerly suffered from an ulcer should not be prescribed the drug. Even if they do not plan on combining alcohol and Celebrex, they face an increased risk for aggravating their health.
As previously mentioned, Celebrex by itself, places risks on the user. The odds of developing these side effects will increase the longer the drug is taken. Therefore, even patients who do not combine alcohol and Celebrex should consult with their physician about how long treatment can be expected to end.
With or without the combination of Celebrex and alcohol, warning signs of developing ulcers may or may not be present. To monitor the development of these conditions, physicians must perform regular chemical tests on patients. 
Warning signs of ulceration or internal bleeding should receive immediate emergency attention. Even if you are not combining Celebrex and alcohol, you should contact a physician if you vomit blood, have bloody stools or any other indicators of ulceration. These symptoms may indicate the need to discontinue treatment. Patients who do not abuse alcohol and Celebrex may still develop these symptoms. 
Keep in mind that if you use Celebrex and alcohol, the presence of serious side effects will be your responsibility. This means that whatever complications ensue as the result of the combination of alcohol and Celebrex, you will not be able to sue a physician or the manufacturer. Since you disregarded the instructions provided by your medical professionals, you will not be eligible to file a lawsuit alleging that intake instructions were inadequate or that a physician failed to protect your health.




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