Adipex and Alcohol

Adipex and Alcohol

Adipex and Alcohol

Adipex, which is a drug-loss stimulant, should never be combined with Alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant, meaning it carries the opposite effects of Adipex.  Not only does this dichotomy strip the drug of its effectiveness, but it also increases the likelihood and intensity of its associated side effects.

What are some side effects cause or enhanced by Adipex and alcohol?

Adipex can impair judgment due to an unpredictable interaction of the stimulant and brain activity.  Alcohol, which already impairs brain function, will enhance this effect.  Predictably, this will mean that a patient engaging in Adipex and alcohol increases the chance of poor decision-making.

Your doctor is required to check with you for allergies and other medications you might be taking.  This mitigates the risk from Adipex and alcohol as well as unsafe interactions with other drugs.  You should disclose that you are taking Adipex if you are starting another drug regimen.  Most importantly, the patient will not skip Adipex does to consume alcohol. Adipex dangers are best avoided if it will compromise the dosing schedule provided to the patient.

Adipex as a stimulant

It is important to remember that Adipex is a stimulant; the drug requires attention and care especially when combined with other stimulants, such as caffeine.  As a general rule, you must not take any stimulant or depressant until you are sure of the Adipex dangers and how that will affect their normal operation.





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