Advair Side Effects

Advair Side Effects

Advair Side Effects
most that experience Advair side effects will find that they are actually very mild and nonthreatening, especially after the doctor has reviewed ones medical history, asked questions about the medications they currently take and anticipated serious side effects that could have occurred due to an unsafe interaction of this medication and other pre-existing conditions. Keep in mind that the vast majority of those using Advair experience no Advair side effects at all and continue to use it with other medications, as set through a dosing and intake schedule provided by the physician.
What are the minor side effects of Advair?
The minor side effects of Advair, however common, are not a reason to stop using Advair and you may not need to call the physician unless these minor side effects are reoccurring and a nuisance.  The minor side effects include hoarseness, headache and upset stomach.  Irritation of the airways and other areas that Advair treats is also somewhat common but not serious Advair side effects.  
What are Advair side effects that will require you to talk to a doctor?
There intermediate Advair side effects that indicate that there might be additional issues with you and the medication include infections, insomnia, white patches on tongue, cramps and tremors.  These are not serious either but should warrant some consideration for ending the dosing for fear of greater Advair side effects or avoidable nuisances.
Serious Advair side effects include irregular heartbeat, chest pain, dizziness and seizures.  Loss of consciousness is also one such side effect that will require you to contact emergency services immediately.
How do I avoid having to deal with Advair side effects?
The side effects of Advair can be avoided with diligence on your part in disclosing medical issues and medication that you are taking.  The medical professional, on their part, will also need to work with the patient to anticipate and inform about these side effects and know which side effects of Advair are likely when dealing with this drug.  There is no guaranteed way to avoid a side effect, especially the minor ones, but noting changes and other abnormalities is critical to ensuring that you can take Advair safely.
There are number of asthma related dosing and medications that must be stopped when starting Advair.  This includes quick-relief inhalers, which become for emergency use only, since Advair does not have emergency properties in the event of an asthma attack.  Using the medication by its dosing instructions, which dictate that the medication be taken at least once, but usually twice a day, is also important to avoiding or noting side effects of Advair that might be applicable to your situation.
The side effects of Advair are generally minimal and far outweigh the benefits of reducing breathing problems that would impact everyday activity for typical patients.




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