Adipex-P Intake Instruction

Adipex-P Intake Instruction

Adipex-P Intake Instruction

Adipex-P comes into two common forms—the drug is either prescribed as an elliptical tablet that is white with blue specks or a white and blue capsule with black lines on the white side.  Both capsules are 37.5 mg and will be labeled as Adipex.  If this does not describe your drug then you will need to review the Adipex-P Intake Instructions and call your pharmacist to have the drug confirmed as the one you are prescribed.   

How are the Adipex-P Intake Instruction modified?

The Adipex-P Intake Instruction is modified only when there is demonstrative proof that the medication is either ineffective or unsafe.  The patient, upon observing this information, will report the issue to the medical professional who will take the remedial action necessary.  The Adipex-P Intake Instruction is necessary to preventing an overdose, which unfortunately is a strong possibility with any stimulant.

What is the general Adipex-P Intake Instruction?

Although Adipex-P Intake Instructions are widely available, the set procured form your medical professional supersedes all others—including those printed on the drug’s packaging.  In general, the medication must be taken one to two hours before your first meal of the day.  The medication also needs to be taken at least 10 – 14 hours before sleeping.  These requirements must be followed so the time-released stimulant can be gradually introduced to the body throughout the day.  Patients taking Apidex-P must maintain a normal diet and exercise program to promote maximum efficiency—Apidex-p, on its own, is largely fruitless.

How long do I follow the Adipex-P Intake Instruction?

Because the drug is habit forming, you will not take Adipex-P for more than 3 – 6 weeks.  It is necessary to adhere to the Adipex-P Intake Instructions as to limit the presence of adverse reactions.  You should stop Adipex-P Intake if you develop severe side effects; the presence of said reactions also requires immediate medical intervention.

What are the Adipex-P Intake Instructions used for?

The purpose of the Adipex-P Intake Instruction is to prevent overdose and maximize the short time the patient will spend using the stimulant.  Though there is some leeway in when the drug can be taken, doses should never be made up as this is dangerous and will cause an unsafe condition owing to the buildup of the stimulant in the body.  Symptoms of this will include nausea, irregular heartbeat and losing consciousness.





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