A brief guide to Aricept

People who suffer from Alzheimer's may be prescribed medication at any stage of the long-term disease. If asking a doctor to explain what is Aricept, you should know that the drug has been found to help improve patients' cognition and related mental functions. However, Aricept is not a drug which has been found to increase patient health overall. In some cases, patients should discontinue use if the side effects are too severe.

A doctor who is explaining what is Aricept should note that it comes in dosages of 5, 10 or 23 milligram tablets to be taken daily. When prescribing Aricept, a physician will begin the dosage in its lowest dose. If improvement of symptoms does not occur within four to six weeks, the dosage may be increased. When trying to determine what is Aricept and whether a patient is benefiting from its use, physicians cannot increase the dosage to 23 mg until at least three months have passed.

The most unpleasant side effects of Aricept are related to gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting and diarrhea. Patients with cardiac problems should be cautious when they ask a doctor what is Aricept. Usage of Aricept has been linked to fainting and slow heartbeats when taken by people who have heart problems. Contact a physician immediately if such side effects are noted. When explaining what is Aricept, a doctor should outline all situations in which you should seek out emergency treatment.

When asking about Aricept, provide a full list of all medications you are currently taking. When considering what is Aricept and whether it is suitable for your needs, a physician must be aware of all other medications that may react negatively when taken in combination with other drugs. Aricept should be taken at roughly the same time daily. Patients who forget to take one day's dose should not take two the next day to remedy the gap. Doing so creates the risk of an overdose.

Patients who receive a satisfactory answer to the question "what is Aricept" and begin a course of treatment should monitor their usage closely. A physician should be informed of any persistent side effects. Do not overuse Aricept if a dosage grows less effective with repeated use. When explaining what is Aricept, a physician should note that it can only help alleviate mental deterioration, not reverse it entirely.

Aricept information provided by the manufacturer clearly explains the potential risks of taking this drug. By following these intake guidelines and obeying a physician's instructions, you should be able to take the medication without fearing fatal side effects. If you feel that a doctor has failed to adequately supervise your use of Aricept, you may wish to speak with a lawyer about pursuing a malpractice lawsuit. You may also wish to speak with a lawyer if you experience adverse effects not warned against in the manufacturer's instructions.





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