Amitiza Dosage

Amitiza Dosage

Amitiza Dosage
A brief guide to Amitiza dosage
The prescription medication Amitiza comes prescribed in two different dosages. Amitiza 8 mcg is issued to women 18 and older who are experiencing chronic constipation associated with irritable bowel syndrome. Amitiza 24 mcg is prescribed for adults whose constipation does not seem be related to another medical condition. Amitiza dosage will be adjusted by physicians as appropriate.
People who are considering Amitiza 24 mcg or a smaller dosage should be aware that the drug has not been found to induce chemical dependency or addiction. Whether taking Amitiza 8 mcg or a stronger dosage, you can do so on a long-term, indefinite basis. A physician should regularly consider whether to decrease or discontinue your Amitiza dosage. People taking an Amitiza 24 mcg or smaller dosage should not stop taking the drug before speaking with their physician.
Before prescribing an Amitiza 8 mcg dosage, a physician will need to determine if the drug is not recommended for your usage. Inform doctors about any medications you are taking which may interact with an Amitiza dosage. When you take an Amitiza 24 mcg or smaller dosage, you may experience shortness of breath and constriction in your chest. If these symptoms do not diminish within three hours of ingesting Amitiza 8 mcg or larger dosage, seek out emergency medical care. Report any such side effects following an Amitiza dosage to your physician.
Some of the most commonly reported side effects associated with an Amitiza 24 mcg dosage or smaller include diarrhea and similar digestive issues. Report long-term side effects relating to an Amitiza 8 mcg dosage or larger to a physician. Such side effects generally decrease in severity with prolonged ingestion of an Amitiza dosage.
Do not take more than the Amitiza 24 mcg or smaller dosage than you are instructed to by a physician. While the overdose effects of taking too many Amitiza 8 mcg tablets have not been known to include fatalities, effects such as internal bleeding can result. Severe adverse results that occur as the result of excessive ingestion beyond your prescribed Amitiza dosage will be your sole responsibility. You cannot obtain compensation if adverse effects result from disregarding the guidelines for your Amitiza 24 mcg or smaller dosage.
A physician should increase your Amitiza 8 mcg dosage if you do not experience side effects but obtain no relief from consumption of the drug. Be sure that you carefully all information provided by the manufacturer when committing to taking an Amitiza dosage. The thorough documentation which details how to properly take your Amitiza 24 mcg or smaller dosage absolves the manufacturer of responsibility for severe adverse effects.
If you feel a physician has not exercised adequate care in supervising your Amitiza 8 mcg dosage, assemble all medical records for a lawyer to review. An attorney experienced in medical malpractice lawsuits can evaluate whether there is evidence of negligence justifying your claims for compensation. Contact the FDA if you experience adverse effects not warned against in the product information.




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