Advair HFA Inhaler

Advair HFA Inhaler

Advair HFA Inhaler

What is an Advair HFA inhaler?

Advair HFA inhalers are devices that release a combinatory medication to fight the symptoms associated with asthma and various bronchial conditions. The Advair HFA inhaler comes in three forms, each representing different concentrations of the active ingredient. These forms are prescribed based on the needs and condition of the patient in question.

Why do patients with severe symptoms get an Advair HFA inhaler?

There are two reasons why an Advair HFA inhaler will be prescribed for those with severe respiratory issues. Only an Advair HFA inhaler will deliver the salmeterol to the airways leading to the lungs, ensuring that they remain open.  This is essential for patients battling chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other lung diseases.

How do I prime the Advair HFA inhaler?

You can prime the Advair HFA inhaler with four depresses; each depression releases a singular dose. Each Advair HFA inhaler comes with 124 doses with a normal prescription.  

What are the differences between types of an Advair HFA inhaler?

There are three different Advair HFA inhalers: the inhaler is available in 45, 115 and 230 mcg versions. Each version possesses unique concentrations of the agent.  It must be stated: the variations reflect the concentration of fluticasone (the corticosteroid that eliminates the inflammation of airways) in the medication. Concentration of the salmeterol is consistent in all three types of inhaler, at 21 mcg.

How do I know the Advair HFA inhaler in used up?

All Advair HFA inhalers come with counters to indicate the number of doses left.  The counter starts at 124 priming and you may follow the counter until it reaches 20 doses.  At this point, you will contact the pharmacy to secure a refill.  After the counter runs to zero, the integrity of the doses cannot be guaranteed and the Advair HFA inhaler needs to be discarded, even if medication remains.

How do I care for the Advair HFA inhaler?

You must clean the Advair HFA inhaler every week.  This ensures that residue does not affect you and that the medication can flow properly from the nozzle.  You will need to follow the direct ions and use the appropriate materials to clean the inhaler, including swabs and a clean medium to remove the residue that might have accumulated.





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