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Ambien CR Dosage

Ambien CR Dosage

A brief guide to Ambien CR dosages

Intake of the prescription medication Ambien CR must be carefully monitored by physicians who assign it to assist patients suffering from insomnia. The Ambien CR dosage assigned is standardized for all adults. The elderly, seriously ill and liver-damaged will be assigned smaller Ambien CR dosages consisting of 6.25 mg to be taken nightly. All other adults will be prescribed an Ambien CR dosage of 12.5 mg, similarly to be taken immediately prior to sleep.

Regardless of the prescribed Ambien CR dosage, intake must follow physician guidelines exactly to avoid potentially serious adverse reactions. Ambien CR dosages can be administered in the forms of pills containing 6.25 mg or 12.5 mg. These pills should be taken whole rather than being crushed by the patient. No Ambien CR dosage should be combined with the intake of alcohol.

Side effects associated with intake of the drug can vary widely. Whatever the assigned Ambien CR dosages, you should immediately report any indications of an allergic response. These include shortness of breath, nausea and throat swelling. Such responses to any Ambien CR dosage should receive emergency medical attention if they do not diminish within three hours. Regardless of whether they persist or not, report all negative effects following the intake of an Ambien CR dosage to your physician. 

Some people have reported performing actions such as driving and binge eating while taking this prescription medication. Such incidents can occur regardless of the strength of your Ambien CR dosages. Any such incidents should diminish and cease as treatment continues. Whatever your prescribed Ambien CR dosages, long-term usage can be destructive. A physician is unlikely to recommend continued intake for longer than five weeks.

Recreational abuse of the drug is dangerous regardless of the Ambien CR dosage involved. Adults should never take more than 12.5 mg of the drug in a day. If you ignore this safety guideline and experience serious adverse effects as a result, any long-term health consequences are not the responsibility of your doctor or the manufacturer. However, even if you follow al physician instructions, you may inadvertently develop a dependency upon the drug.

Whether you develop an addiction because of abuse or under the direction of a physician, do not quit taking Ambien CR dosages unless directed to by a physician. Withdrawal in these cases can be prolonged and painful. To mitigate the most severe consequences, a doctor may prescribe additional medication to help alleviate the effects of suddenly ending your intake of an Ambien CR dosage.

Maintain copies of all physician prescriptions and other documents concerning your use of the drug. Such information will be necessary if a lawyer wishes to establish that ingestion of prescribed Ambien CR dosages was inadequately supervised by a doctor, leading to long-lasting harm to your health. A lawsuit concerning such physician negligence should only be advanced by an attorney with experience in litigating over medical malpractice in order to obtain financial compensation.