Celebrex Weight Gain

Celebrex Weight Gain

Celebrex Weight Gain
Celebrex Weight Gain: A brief guide to Celebrex side effects
When you are issued the prescription medication Celebrex, weight gain is among the consequences that could ensue. Celebrex side effects can range from the unpleasant but harmless to serious indications that require emergency treatment. Celebrex weight gain is one of the rarer manifestations but can indicate the development of several serious conditions. Left untreated, such Celebrex side effects may lead to fatal complications.
Before beginning a course of treatment, a physician should take the time to explain all the potential consequences of a course of treatment. Rapid and unexplained Celebrex weight gain could be indicative of several underlying conditions. Potential Celebrex side effects that may produce this condition include heart failure and kidney problems. Both of these are very serious and can be fatal. 
Additionally, Celebrex weight gain can be indicative of edema. If you notice swelling under your skin, this is an indication of excessive fluid retention. This kind of Celebrex weight gain condition is also very serious and requires immediate attention. Cease intake of the medication and contact a physician immediately to see if treatment should be discontinued.
Celebrex weight gain is just one of the symptoms of an adverse reaction that you should be alert to as a patient. Doctors should provide an overview of all possible Celebrex side effects. Allergic reactions such as constriction in your throat or difficulty breathing require emergency medical care. Patients who have experienced such adverse effects after taking aspirin should not be assigned this prescription medication.
Along with Celebrex weight gain, patients who take this medication are at risk for developing ulcers, internal bleeding and other gastrointestinal conditions. There may not be any warning signs of such Celebrex side effects, which can be fatal. In the event that you vomit blood, experience extended nausea or otherwise experience symptoms indicative of such developments, seek out a doctor's help immediately.
The longer treatment continues the more at risk you are for Celebrex side effects. A physician's proposed course of treatment should be designed to bring an end to your intake of this drug as soon as possible. By reporting all Celebrex side effects, you will minimize the possibility of serious adverse possibilities.
Be sure to read the prescription information provided by the manufacturer. This provides documentation regarding Celebrex weight gain and other adverse reactions that have been noticed by patients or documented in clinical studies. By familiarizing yourself with all available information, you are absolving the manufacturer of responsibility for failing to provide adequate guidelines about the risks associated with taking Celebrex. 
Patients, who feel that their physician was negligent in monitoring their treatment, leading to preventable side effects, may wish to consider filing a malpractice lawsuit. Before contacting a lawyer, assemble all medical reports documenting your Celebrex side effects and any other documentation relating to your treatment. A lawyer must be able to demonstrate that a physician failed to live up to the minimum standards of their profession in order to be able to obtain compensation on your behalf.




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