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Aricept Cost


How much does Aricept Cost?

Aricept is the brand name of Donepezil, which is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease and its derivatives, including Donepezil. 

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disorder that disrupts normal cognitive function; Alzheimer’s patients struggle with their ability to think, remember things and perform daily functions. 

Alzheimer’s disease breaks down the enzyme known as acetylcholine; patients with Alzheimer’s have decreased levels of the enzyme which is needed to promote the aforementioned cognitive functions. 

Aricept acts by blocking the disease’s ability to breakdown acetylcholine. As with other drugs in the cholinesterase inhibitor class, Aricept provides modest improvement in the cognitive symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease; Alzheimer’s sufferers who use Aricept can expect a degree of improved reasoning, memory and the ability to perform activities of daily living. Moreover, the drug may reduce the occurrence of the irregular behavioral symptoms associated with the disease. 

Aricept is a prescription drug; the bulk of insurance companies will pay the majority of the pill’s cost. That being said, when wondering the Aricept cost, one must realize that the pill comes in three forms: Aricept price will fluctuate based on the dosage. The Aricept cost will be different for the 5, 10 and 23 mg versions. Additionally, the Aricept cost will fluctuate based on geographic location. 

There is no uniform Aricept cost; Aricept prices fluctuate based on the aforementioned variables. Moreover, the Aricept cost will fluctuate by year and based on the rate of inflation. That being said, the cheapest places to fill-out your prescription typically come online, where Aricept prices can be slashed by 10-20%.  

Aricept Price for 5 MG Dose:

As stated above, Aricept is a prescription-only medication. Therefore, you cannot purchase the product legally without visiting a medical professional. If you do secure a prescription for the drug, your insurance should cover the bulk of the Aricept cost. That being said, the Aricept price for 5 mg pills will fluctuate based on quantity and individual pharmacy. In general, the Aricept cost for 28 5 mg pills will run between $100 and $180. 

Recently, the Aricept price has plummeted by roughly 35%.  Users have reported purchasing the pill (10 mg generic 30 day supply) for the Aricept cost of $150. This Aricept cost is expected to decrease even further; the price of the drug should fall into the $50-75 range for a 30 day supply. This new Aricept price model makes the pill more affordable for patients in need of the drug. 

You should, to conduct research on Aricept prices, visit online pharmacies and price-checking sites. Listed below is a generic example of common Aricept costs:

Aricept Cost for 10 mg (Normal Dose:

• Aricept Cost for 30 pills: $49.33 (Aricept price of $1.64 per pill)

• Aricept Cost for 60 pills: $83.58 (Aricept price of $1.39 per pill)

• Aricept Cost for 90 pills: $105.77 (Aricept price of $1.17 per pill)

Aricept Cost for 5 mg (Low Dosage)

• Aricept Cost for 30 pills: $36.18 (Aricept price of $1.20 per pill)

• Aricept Cost for 60 pills: $61.91 (Aricept price of $1.03 per pill)

• Aricept Cost for 90 pills: $81.94 (Aricept price of $0.91 per pill)