Chantix Side Effects

Chantix Side Effects

Chantix Side Effects
A brief guide to Chantix side effects
The medication Chantix may be issued to people who wish to quit smoking. As with any drug which cannot be obtained without a physician's prescription, there are several potentially dangerous side effects of Chantix. It is your responsibility to ask a doctor about these possible Chantix side effects and conduct as much research as possible to decide whether this drug is right for you.
The side effects of Chantix may emerge at any stage of treatment. In general, any patient group that is age 18 or older may take the drug. Most frequently, Chantix side effects will take the form of nausea. In very rare cases, the side effects of Chantix can manifest themselves in the form of a skin rash. Any irritation or hypersensitivity of this kind indicates that you should cease intake and obtain medical attention as soon as possible. Left untreated, such Chantix side effects can indicate the development of a fatal skin disease.
Some of the side effects of Chantix are common to many prescription medications. Diarrhea, vomiting and constipation should be reported to a doctor if they continue after your body has had a chance to adjust to the drug. Doctors will monitor your Chantix side effects during the first week of treatment. During this time, patients will take 0.5 mg of the drug daily. If no serious side effects of Chantix are observed during this time, the dosage will be increased to 1 mg a day, to be taken for a period of 12 weeks.
12 weeks is the standard period of time for a first course of treatment. In the case of patients who manage to complete this period and quit smoking without experiencing Chantix side effects, a physician may prescribe a second 12-week course of treatment to ensure you do not resume smoking. 
Some of the most serious side effects of Chantix concern its mental effects. Among the reported Chantix side effects are depression, suicidal urges, homicidal urges, aggression and related impulses. It can be difficult to determine which of these feelings are actual side effects of Chantix and which are related to the emotional instability associated with nicotine withdrawal. In general, if you experience any thoughts or feelings which are not typical, contact your physician.
When first introduced to the market, prescription information did not provide full information about these latter types of Chantix side effects. Therefore, many lawsuits have been pursued, both by those who experienced side effects of Chantix and survivors of loved ones who committed suicide as a result of the course of treatment. The FDA has mandated that appropriate warnings about these Chantix side effects be included in the prescription information now issued.
You may still wish to litigate against a physician who failed to monitor your intake properly, leading to serious health consequences. In order to pursue a negligence or malpractice lawsuit, it will be necessary to consult with an attorney experienced in this legal field.




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