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Allegra Fruit Juice


Is Fruit Juice and Allegra a Bad Mix?


Allegra, which is comprised of the drug fexofenadine, is a non-sedating antihistamine made available over the counter. Allegra is used to fight the symptoms associated with hay fever (common allergy symptoms). Since becoming available over the counter, Allegra’s popularity has boomed to the point that it is regarded as the number 1 allergy fighter in the United States. Because of its popularity, it is essential for people to know that combining Allegra and fruit juice is not recommended by any medical professional. 


Fruit juice and Allegra is an undesirable mix because juices, especially grapefruit and orange juice, effectively reduces the absorption of Allegra by more than one-third. As a result, fruit juice and Allegra diminishes the overall effectiveness of the drug; the juices impede the body from absorbing the full body of the drug. 


Allegra and fruit juice is not recommended because of the juice’s reaction with the drug. Allegra depends on receptors within the small intestines, known as organic anion transporting polypeptides to absorb the drug into the body. When Allegra and fruit juice is mixed, the OATPs are unable to absorb the drug into the body. Taking fruit juice and Allegra may decrease bodily absorption by more than 40%, making the drug far less effective in battling the symptoms associated with allergies. 


Important : Allegra and fruit juice


It is vital for a person taking the drug to avoid Allegra and fruit juice consumption. Fruit juice and Allegra should not be combined for two hours before or after taking the medication. If these instructions are ignored, the drug's effectivness will wane, promoting the appearance of alelrgy symptoms. 


Potency : Allegra and Fruit Juice


Fruit juice and Allegra don’t mix because juices—especially grapefruit and orange—are classified as organic anion transporting peptide inhibitors. These transporters are required for the absorption of drugs like Allegra in the gastrointestinal tract. By blocking the activity of intestinal OATPs, the serum concentration of Allegra can be reduced by up to 70%, which in turn, decreases the maximum efficiency of the drug. Patients, therefore, must avoid mixing fruit juice and Allegra.