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Adipex-P Dosage

Adipex-P Dosage

What is the normal Adipex-P dosage?

The normal Adipex-P dosage is once a day, orally, unless otherwise adjusted by your doctor—depending on your reaction or need, your doctor may diminish your Adipex-P dosage. Typical treatment plans will ask you to take the drug an hour before breakfast– Adipex-P doses should be taken at least 10 – 14 hours before you go to sleep.   Adipex-P dosage, which is a stimulant, requires you to abide by a strict diet and a regimented exercise program.

How do I take the Adipex-P dosage?

The Adipex-P dose is timed release, meaning that it is slowly digested and released into the body, unless otherwise directed by the Adipex-P dosage instructions provided by your medical professional. Apidex-P pills, which should never be crushed, broken, inhaled, snorted or tampered with, are meant to be introduced to the body slowly. Breaching the capsules will cause the Adipex-P dose to impact the body prematurely, sickening the patient.

Can I make up the Adipex-P dose?

Though one could technically make up an Adipex-P dose, the dosing instructions are particular to when the drug should be taken; failing to adhere to said instructions will increase the likelihood of developing Apidex-P side effects.  You are encouraged to take the Apidex-P dose when you remember it—you should skip the dose if you do no remember within 10 hours.
Skipping a dose is not deemed a big deal; the presence of adverse reactions are unaffected by missing one dose.

Why should I never share the Adipex-P dosage?

Sharing the drug is strictly forbidden for abuse of the pill may lead to a life-threatening reliance. Adipex-P doses are habit forming and the danger from overdose is common when the intake instructions are not followed as prescribed by your doctor.  Not every patient will be able to handle the full dose of Adipex-P; these patients are at risk of developing side effects, including rashes, fevers, diarrhea etc.

What are the signs of Adipex-P overdose?

The signs of Adipex-P overdose include nausea, diarrhea, rapid breathing and loss of consciousness.  Poison control or emergency services must be contacted in the event that the patient experiences an Adipex-P overdose. Severe side effects, including heartbeat irregularities are possible with misuse of the pill.  

To avoid an Adipex-P overdose, please follow the intake instructions and ensure that the pill is stored in a safe place where it cannot be consumed by another party.