Abilify Overdose

Abilify Overdose

Abilify Overdose

What are the dangers of Abilify overdose?

As with all medications, a danger of overdose due to toxicity and over concentration of Abilify is both harmful and possible. In normal doses Abilify byproducts are passed in waste or adsorbed, whereas in an Abilify overdose, the residue and other substances remain in an unsafe concentration.  The inability to release or absorb the drug prompts a severe reaction that, depending on the extent of the overdose and subsequent damage, might be fatal.

What factors contribute to an Abilify overdose?

Even if you take the recommended dosage amount, you may be susceptible to an Abilify overdose. The presence of an Abilify overdose is directly elastic to your body’s ability to break the drug down. If your body’s natural function is filled with other medications, your ability to absorb Abilify will be compromised. Other illicit drugs and alcohol pose a threat to your body’s ability to break down Abilify.

What are the symptoms of Abilify overdose?

There are a number of minor indications that one has an Abilify overdose, but the more severe consequences can also be sudden.  Some symptoms of Abilify overdose include:

Heat irregularities – too slow and too fast a heartbeat can be caused by overdosing on Abilify. The heart may also beat irregularly (atrial fibrillation)

Discomfort – often the first signs of an Abilify overdose, the patient will become shaky and confused.  This is usually followed by nausea and possibly aggression.

Serious symptoms – coma, seizures and sudden difficulty breathing are all warning signs of an Abilify overdose.  If these signs are present you or a loved one should call 911 immediately. This is a drastic situation which requires immediate medical attention to flush the body of Abilify.

How do I avoid an Abilify overdose?

To avoid an Abilify overdose, you must carefully read the dosing instructions. If ambiguous, please contact your physician for more information. Adults should not exceed 30mg/day; max levels for children hover around 15 mg per day.

When taking ability, one should avoid alcohol and other drugs.  When starting new medication (prescription or nonprescription), inform your doctor that you are taking Abilify--this is critical in avoiding an Abilify overdose.





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