Abilify for Bipolar

Abilify for Bipolar

Abilify for Bipolar

Abilify for bipolar aims to promote normal bodily function for the purpose of improving one’s life; specific symptoms treated by Abilify for bipolar disorder include manic and depressive episode management.  What constitutes these episodes are varied, but Abilify for bipolar treats most of the symptoms for each and aids in managing overall irritability and depressive thoughts.

How does Abilify for bipolar help with manic episodes?

Manic episodes are marked by extreme emotional swings, ranging from elation to agitation within a short period of time. The swings are generally exaggerated, leading to disruptive and dangerous behavior.  Some other symptoms associated with manic episodes include sleeping very little, distractions, inflated ego, inability to focus and impulsive behavior.  The manufacturer of Abilify for bipolar disorder notes that this behavior can include sexual promiscuity or spending sprees.


Abilify for bipolar helps with manic episodes by diminishing and inhibiting these extremes and helping the patient cope with these feelings.  Manic episodes might also be marked by excessive agitation and aggressive behavior. More serious episodes of bipolar disorder, such as Bipolar-2 might involve additional medications, for Abilify is meant for the less severe Bipolar-1, which involves manic, but not depressive episodes.  Only your physician may determine if Abilify for bipolar is suitable for your particular symptoms.

How does Abilify for bipolar help with depressive episodes?

A depressive episode, which may occur independently or with manic episodes, carries symptoms such as indifference and an inability to enjoy activities. This is a broad definition, which is why your must look for other indicators of a depressive event, such as restlessness and sluggishness corresponding with a loss of energy. Suicidal thoughts (which are sometimes also a byproduct of anti-depressants) are also a sign of a depressive episode, as are feelings of worthlessness and guilt.


One of the biggest indicators of issues with depressive episodes is hypersomnia and trouble sleeping.  These sleeping irregularities, which are often combined with other peculiar behaviors, must be taken into consideration before prescribing Abilify for bipolar.

What are other Abilify uses?

In addition to Abilify for bipolar, the medication is prescribed to treat autism in adults and children over the age of 10. Abilify may also be used as a general anti-depressant.  The dosing for alternative Abilify uses that corresponds to the severity of the illness and the age of the patient.  Among the Abilify uses there are dosing guidelines that dictate initial dosing, which is necessary to determine the effect of the Abilify uses on the patient before the recommended or even stronger doses can be administered.  Only the physician can dictate the proper Abilify uses necessary for any patient with bipolar or other issues.





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