Ambien Dosages

Ambien Dosages

Ambien Dosages

A brief guide to Ambien dosages

People who are experiencing severe insomnia may be prescribed an Ambien dose by their doctor for a short-term round of treatment. Whatever the assigned Ambien dosage, intake of the drug should be carefully monitored. Potential side effects of all Ambien dosages are consistent even if overuse does not occur. Additionally, it is important to adjust the Ambien dose as appropriate to best suit a patient's needs.

An Ambien dosage for those who are assigned the drug in its extended-release form is 12.5 mg. Elderly patients will be assigned half-strength Ambien dosages of 6.25 mg. Alternately, the drug can be assigned in an Ambien dose of 10 mg. Whatever the assigned Ambien dosage, the medication should be taken immediately before bedtime.

Do not combine any Ambien dosages with alcohol, as this will increase the chances of serious side effects. At all Ambien dose strengths, patients have reported side effects involving sleepwalking and committing other actions they do not remember while asleep. A doctor will prescribe the lowest Ambien dosage they think will be effective to minimize this risk. Ambien dosages should be adjusted as necessary once a physician has had a chance to see how a patient's body responds to treatment.

Whatever Ambien dose is prescribed, inform a doctor if you are still experiencing insomnia after seven to 10 days of treatment have passed. These indicate your insomnia may be the product of underlying medical or psychological problems. You should report any side effects that seem to indicate an allergic reaction whatever your Ambien dosage. 

Regardless of the strength of an Ambien dose, there is a possibility that it will exacerbate depression in patients who are already depressed. Report any increased depression or suicidal thoughts to a physician. To minimize the risk of a patient intentionally overdosing as the result of depression, physicians are encouraged to prescribe the lowest possible efficacious Ambien dosage.

Recreational abuse of the drug involves taking more than prescribed of Ambien dosages. Doing so places your body at risk of serious consequences, including attention and adverse reactions which can end in death. Disregarding physician instructions regarding proper Ambien dose ingestion also means that you will be solely responsible for any negative medical consequences. You will not be able to sue the manufacturer or doctor over harmful side effects if you take too many pills, regardless of their Ambien dosage strength.

It is your responsibility to inform a physician of any adverse effects that occur when you begin a regimen of any strength of Ambien dosages. If they fail to take appropriate steps to modify your Ambien dose, they may be responsible for negligence and malpractice if serious health effects ensue. Maintain copies of all prescriptions for Ambien dosages and seek immediate treatment as necessary. Only once you have taken care of your health will you be ready to contact a lawyer regarding litigation concerning the long-term negative effects of an Ambien dosage.





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