Allegra Drowsiness

Allegra Drowsiness

Allegra Drowsiness


There is no Allegra drowsiness commonly associated with a normal dose.  One can be Allegra drowsy if they overdose on the medication and this is why dosing instructions should be followed carefully to avoid having these Allegra drowsiness issues pop up during regular activity.  As a general precaution, even when Allegra drowsiness is rare, one should avoid any activity that requires alertness, such as driving or operating machinery.

How can I ensure that I have Allegra non-drowsy?

All Allegra is non-drowsy.  All Allegra non-drowsy is also available over the counter as it bears little risk of overdose, severe side effects or the ability to sedate the user heavily.  Unlike other medications, the active ingredient, fexofenadine does not cause drowsiness.  The same cannot be said for a number of other comparable antihistamines, though there might be variations in what each anti-histamine drug is effective at treating.  With this in mind, speak with the doctor and do no discount drowsy medication options without determined hen you will need the Allegra non-drowsy or other drug.

Can another antihistamine with this drug cause Allegra drowsy?

Possibly, if one mixes Allegra with medication such a Benadryl, which is known to make the patient drowsy, then the cumulative effect will likely be drowsiness.  One needs to be aware of that when mixing medications.  Mixing medications without the doctor’s advice is extremely risky and not recommended, even when it is apparent that the two anti-histamines would be effective when taken together.  When getting the approval to take both medications, ensure you know how it will affect you before you engage in any activity requiring your undivided attention.

What are types of Allegra non-drowsy?

Allegra non-drowsy is very versatile and can be taken in oral dissolving, tablet, extended release and suspension dosing.  The tablets are typically available OTC while the other variations of Allegra non-drowsy need to be directly from the pharmacy.

What circumstances can there be Allegra drowsy?

There is a chance that Allegra drowsy might occur when combined with alcohol or other depressants.  One always needs to be careful when using any stimulant or depressant, no matter how minor, as this might react unpredictably with any medication.  An overdose of Allegra might cause Allegra drowsy but reports of serious overdoses are rare.  It is nominally difficult to overdose on Allegra due to blister packaging, instructions and common sense.  Note also that a majority of Allegra non-drowsy is eliminated in body waste, with only a portion metabolized and used in allergy relief.

What do I do if I feel Allegra drowsiness?

Since this is not supposed to happen, you should discontinue taking Allegra, especially if there are other side effects.  You should inform your doctor as well if this Allegra drowsiness is accompanied by fever, pains and dizziness.  You should note other medications and substances that affect sleeping patterns, such as caffeine.  Contact your doctor when you feel Allegra drowsiness and are concerned about this effect on your well-being.





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