Aricept Dosage

Aricept Dosage

Aricept Dosage
A brief guide to Aricept dosage
The prescription medication Aricept is made available in three different strengths to help Alzheimer's patients improve their mental functions. Aricept effectiveness can increase with higher concentrations of the drug. However, increasing the Aricept dosage is a gradual process which should follow the guidelines provided by the drug's manufacturer.
If a patient responds well to treatment with the drug, its function will be to improve mental functions such as memory. Aricept effectiveness will not extend to the patient's overall health. Regardless of the Aricept dosage, it can only help alleviate symptoms rather than reversing them entirely.
Aricept effectiveness will be monitored when a patient begins a course of treatment by taking 5 mg a day of the drug. This introductory Aricept dosage should be ingested daily as close to the same time as possible. Doctors should maintain this regimen for at least four to six weeks before they will be ready to evaluate the Aricept effectiveness. 
During this time, it is also important to monitor any persistent side effects associated with the Aricept dosage. Some of these potential side effects are associated with many medications, such as headaches, dizziness and difficulty sleeping. Aricept effectiveness may be mitigated by more serious problems, especially those related to digestion and excretion. Additionally, patients ingesting any Aricept dosage should seek out immediate medical attention if they faint or notice a slow heartbeat. 
If Aricept effectiveness is minimal, a patient may increase the dosage to 10 mg a day. Patients must continue this level of Aricept dosage for at least three months before a physician can consider increasing the strength of their medication. While maximum Aricept effectiveness can be obtained from the daily ingestion of 23 mg tablets, side effects are likely to increase in severity as well. 
Patients who already have heart troubles may find that any level of Aricept dosage places them at greater risk for aggravating their condition. This will also be true for people who already have digestive problems, such as ulcers and internal bleeding. Regardless of the Aricept effectiveness of a course of treatment, a physician may order that usage of the drug be discontinued if the side effects outweigh the benefits of treatment.
Patients who forget to take their Aricept dosage should not take two doses at the same time to make up the difference. In this attempt to maintain Aricept effectiveness, patients run the risk of experiencing an overdose. Regardless of the side effects, do not discontinue intake of an Aricept dosage unless directed to by a physician.
A doctor must take all proper steps to supervise and safeguard the health of their patients. If you believe a doctor was negligent and responsible for long-term avoidable adverse effects, contact a lawyer who is experienced in malpractice lawsuits to determine whether you have a good chance of being awarded financial compensation as the result of civil litigation.




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