Advair 250 Inhaler

Advair 250 Inhaler

Advair 250 Inhaler

A brief guide to Advair 250 inhalers

The medication Advair is prescribed help alleviate severe asthma symptoms. Additionally, it can be issued for long-term use among patients who have emphysema, bronchitis or other chronic pulmonary disorders. An Advair 250 inhaler is issued to administer the medication.

It is unsafe to take apart an Advair 250 inhaler or otherwise tamper with it. To ensure that you are safely storing Advair 250 inhalers, make sure the device is placed in a cool and dry area with a temperature between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that the Advair 250 inhaler cannot be accessed by children, for the medication should not be ingested nor used by children below the age of four.

Unlike the shape of a standard emergency inhaler, an Advair 250 inhaler is disk-like. To ensure safe use, Advair 250 inhalers should be stored in a safe place where they cannot be tampered with. The medication is administered in a dry powder form. When you ingest the medication through an Advair 250 inhaler, you may not feel the powder enter your mouth. Regardless of this feeling, it is imperative that you do not ingest another dose.

Following ingestion, you should hold your breath for 10 seconds, and then rinse with water for an additional 10 seconds. Do not swallow the liquid after making use of the Advair 250 inhaler. Doses should be taken twice daily, with a 12 hour separation.

Advair 250 inhalers come with a counter to indicate how many doses are left. When running low, the Advair 250 inhaler will display the remaining doses in red. This indicates that you must schedule an appointment with your physician to refill your prescription. At this time, you should report any discomfort or adverse effects you experience.

Advair 250 inhalers are not intended for the emergency relief of sudden breathing problems. You should use your emergency inhaler in case you experience any such attacks. If you find yourself short of breath after using an Advair 250 inhaler and do not obtain relief from an emergency inhaler, obtain medical treatment immediately.

Report any adverse effects no matter how severe. In addition to immediate breathing problems, skin problems such as rashes or hives may indicate that you are having an allergic reaction to the medication from Advair 250 inhalers. Be alert to eye blurriness, since the medication can lead to glaucoma, cataracts and similar problems.

A physician who fails to take appropriate precaution when you report such problems may be guilty of malpractice. If so, you may have grounds for litigation related to serious side effects which you experience. Consult with a lawyer who is experienced in malpractice lawsuits who can evaluate your medical records and determine whether a doctor was negligent in supervising your treatment.





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