Adderall Withdrawal

Adderall Withdrawal

Adderall Withdrawal

A Brief Overview of Adderall Withdrawal

The prescription drug Adderall carries many risks for those who take it to help alleviate ADHD and narcolepsy. While you should be aware of these side effects, those who follow a physician's usage instructions are not likely to experience Adderall withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing use.

Before prescribing the drug, a physician will ask for your medical history, including your history of alcohol or drug addiction in your family. If present, the doctor may be concerned of Adderall withdrawal and as a result, opt to prescribe an alternative amphetamine or medication. If usage is discontinued because of side effects or for other reasons, Adderall withdrawal is not likely to result in serious consequences.

Potential side effects will be observed even if you do not develop a chemical dependency to the drug. Adderall withdrawals are not as serious of a risk as severe side effects such as cardiac damage; however, prospective dependency should be monitored and dealt with promptly.

However, for patients who do not follow the guidelines for use, overuse can result in dependency. This means that Adderall withdrawals can lead to feelings of extreme physical discomfort. In addition, feelings of depression or suicidal urges may occur. This type of difficulty with Adderall withdrawal should be reported to a physician. While your use of the drug has been illegal, it is important to seek out medical assistance.

To help cope with such Adderall withdrawals, a physician may create a plan for steadily decreasing your dosage. Though the drug's effects on every person are different and often hard to predict, a physician will understand these consequences better. To help with any emotional difficulties stemming from Adderall withdrawal, a physician may choose to prescribe anti-depressants at this time. In extreme cases, Adderall withdrawals that occur following after a sudden discontinuation of use may necessitate resuming taking it at a lower dosage. You will then steadily decrease your use.

Studies concerning the use of the drug upon pregnant women are inconclusive. While Adderall withdrawals have been noted in rodent babies in clinical studies, no studies have been conducted to measure these effects on human babies. At the present, physicians are allowed to rely on their best  judgment in deciding whether pregnant women should continue such treatment. If you are concerned about a baby developing a dependency and experiencing Adderall withdrawal after birth, consult with your physician.

Because the legal use of the drug is unlikely to result in this kind of condition, you should not be overly concerned. Similarly, Adderall withdrawals among abusers can be unpleasant but will not lead to death. Any discomfort experienced in the latter event is not grounds for litigation. Since your Adderall withdrawal was the direct consequence of willful abuse of the drug, your physician and the drug's parent company cannot be held responsible.





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