Lunesta vs Ambien

Lunesta vs Ambien

Lunesta vs Ambien

A brief guide to Ambien vs Lunesta

Insomnia is a problem which may require a prescription medication to go away. When considering Lunesta vs Ambien, a physician should be your primary source of information. While either Lunesta or Ambien may be suitable for treatment, it will be impossible to predict in advance exactly how your body will respond to both medications.

If you are considering Ambien vs Lunesta, there are several prominent differences which must be considered. It is important to remember when considering Lunesta vs Ambien that only the former has been approved for extended non-addictive use. This means that patients who are wavering between asking about Lunesta or Ambien can be more confident that taking the former drug can be done safely for up to 6 months. In contrast when considering Ambien vs Lunesta, you should be aware that the former should only be prescribed for up to six weeks.

When you are deciding between Lunesta vs Ambien, the side effects for both drugs are reasonably similar. Whether taking Lunesta or Ambien, side effects including drowsiness and headache have been reported. If you are clinically depressed, there is not much difference when considering the risks of Ambien vs Lunesta. Both can exacerbate symptoms and elevate the risk of this condition. 

The most severe side effects when considering Lunesta vs Ambien belong to the latter drug. Hallucinations can occur whether taking Lunesta or Ambien. However, a big difference between Ambien vs Lunesta is that use of the former can result in actions such as sleepwalking, having sex while asleep or otherwise acting in ways you are not consciously aware of.

The potential for recreational abuse is roughly similar when considering Lunesta vs Ambien. Hallucinations can result whether overusing Lunesta or Ambien. Additionally, the potential for a serious overdose is the same when considering Ambien vs Lunesta. It is important to closely follow physician guidelines whatever decision you settle on regarding Lunesta vs Ambien.

Overuse and dependency is possible with both Lunesta or Ambien. Physicians should monitor patient intake to guard against such a possibility. When considering Ambien vs Lunesta, in either case a doctor should prescribe the lowest possible effective strength. This will help guard against the possibility of overdose whatever drug is prescribed after considering Lunesta vs Ambien.

Whatever you decide upon when deciding between Lunesta or Ambien, keep your physician informed of any side effects occur. When deciding between Ambien vs Lunesta, visit the websites of both drug's manufacturers. To make an informed decision between Lunesta vs Ambien, it is helpful to read about all the documented potential side effects. It is your responsibility to keep a physician informed about how your use of Lunesta or Ambien is going.

A physician who fails to adequately adjust your dosage if you experience serious adverse effects may have been negligent. If you feel this may have been the case, consult with a lawyer to see if you stand a good chance of obtaining compensation through civil litigation.





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