Advair HFA vs Diskus

Advair HFA vs Diskus

Advair HFA vs Diskus


Only a doctor can help you to determine the benefits of Advair HFA vs. Diskus, as patients has different needs and these medications, though mostly similar are dosed depending on the severity of the respiratory issue.  Diskus refers to the Advair Diskus, which is a specialized device that doses the medication similar to an inhaler, without priming and through a compressed gas driven burst.   Advair HFA, on the other hand, is delivers through an inhaler.  You will generally not have the decision making power to choose Advair HFA vs. Diskus as the Advair HFA has a specialized agent to deal with severe respiratory blockage.  Only the doctor can make the determination between Advair HFA vs. Diskus and a patient can potentially be moved between the two, depending on the progress and severity of the symptoms.

Advair HFA vs. Diskus dosing

The dosing for Advair HFA vs. Diskus is largely the same.  The doctor might modify the standard dosing and that is why you must follow those directions over all others you might find.  Generally, Advair is dosed twice a day.  The inhaler might have the patient take up to two inhalations.  The inhaler will come with a counter to monitor the remaining doses and this need to be followed carefully as this indicates when one will need to refill their prescription.

Advair HFA vs. Diskus composition

The primary difference in terms of Advair HFA vs. Diskus is that the HFA version has salmeterol, which is used to open the airways to the lungs.  This is given to those with severe respiratory issues ranging from asthma to chronic bronchitis.  By comparison, the Diskus only delivers fluticasone.  Fluticasone is a corticosteroid that reduces inflation in the respiratory system.  Most forms of Advair have this ingredient.  The amount of fluticasone in the inhaler will differ but the salmeterol will remain consistent.

The most important Advair HFA vs. Diskus difference

The most important distinction between Advair HFA vs. Diskus is that the drug is dispensed in different ways.  Diskus will dispense the drug in a powder, which can be irritating for some.  The inhaler is an aerosol.  

What are important things to note about Advair?

Regardless of the form of Advair you use, you will need to rinse afterward and spit out that water.  This is to prevent thrush, which is a yeast infection of the mouth and one of the more common side effects of Advair.  Regular maintenance, according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer is also needs on the inhaler or Diskus to ensure that the medicine can flow in the right dose and that residue does not cause a thrush outbreak after the device is used.

One must refill the prescription before the dosage runs out and Advair needs to need used every day to be effective.  Using an expired inhaler with less than the minimum dose on the counter will render the medication ineffective at dealing with your symptoms.





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