A brief guide to Chantix
If you are a cigarette smoker who wishes to quit, there are many options available to help you through this difficult process. While such aids as nicotine gum and patches are available without a prescription, you may wish to ask a physician what is Chantix for an alternative form of relief. Taking this drug is associated with several risks, primarily related to mental health. Do not commit to treatment with Chantix until you have developed an understanding of how this drug operates.
During their explanation of what is Chantix, a doctor should explain that this medication is taken in tablet form. Chantix dosage is standard for all patients. Patients will take 0.5 mg of the drug twice daily during the first week of treatment. Assuming they respond positively to treatment, they will then proceed to take 1 mg twice a day for the next eleven weeks.
While explaining what is Chantix, a physician should explain that you have two options for when to quit smoking. It is up to you and a doctor to decide whether treatment is more likely to be efficacious if you plan to quit smoking a week after beginning to take Chantix or whether you prefer to quit at some point before five weeks have passed. During their overview of what is Chantix, a doctor will note that while twelve weeks is the standard period of treatment, they may prescribe another 12 weeks' worth of treatment if you are successful in quitting smoking. This second round of Chantix treatment can help ensure that you will not relapse and begin smoking again.
A physician's overview of what is Chantix should also include thorough explanations of the potential side effects. The most commonly reported adverse response to Chantix is Nausea. In rare instances, you may notice an adverse skin reaction. These are indications that you may be developing a potentially fatal condition. During their explanation of what is Chantix, a physician should indicate that this means you must immediately receive medical care.
Some of the most serious side effects associated with Chantix usage are mental. Patients have reported feelings of depression, including suicidal urges. Additionally, when outlining what is Chantix, a physician should note that these emotional disturbances can also include aggression and homicidal urges. While it may be difficult to distinguish the effects of Chantix from the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine, you should consult your physician if you seem to be experiencing these problems.
In order to learn more about what is Chantix, be sure to read the complete prescribing information made available by the manufacturer. This can be read online without receiving the drug. While lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer for failing to warn of these emotional disturbances, they have since incorporated the FDA's warnings in their information. Therefore, you may have difficulty litigating regarding adverse effects of Chantix. If you believe you have experienced side effects not mentioned in the prescription information, contact a lawyer knowledgeable about such lawsuits to evaluate your proposed case's viability.




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