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Celebrex Reviews

A brief guide to Celebrex reviews

When an adult with arthritis, menstrual cramps or some form of chronic pain is issued the prescription medication Celebrex, their primary source of information should always be a physician. Never use a Celebrex review found online to make a decision about intake contrary to your doctor's instructions concerning safe use.

Like any prescription drug, usage carries risks. Celebrex reviews based on an individual patient's history of intake are unlikely to be as thorough as a doctor in providing an overview of all potential consequences. A Celebrex review may document how a patient responded to a course of treatment combined with another medication. However, only doctors will be qualified to question you about all medications you are currently taking and determine whether this treatment will be safe for you. Do not combine two drugs against a physician's instructions based on advice given in Celebrex reviews.

The official manufacture prescription information can act as a valuable supplement to the overview given by the doctor. Unlike a Celebrex review, this document is based on clinical studies and FDA warnings. Read this information carefully and ask a physician to explain any parts which you do not understand. Never consider the information in Celebrex reviews to be an appropriate substitute for a doctor's guidance.

Your dosage will be determined by a physician attempting to minimize use of the drug. While a Celebrex review may counsel you to use the drug more often or at a greater strength than instructed by a doctor, never follow such advice. Any adverse reactions or overdose that ensues when you follow the advice in Celebrex reviews will be your sole responsibility. By violating a doctor's orders and disregarding official intake instructions in favor of using a Celebrex review as your guide, you will not be able to sue anyone for damages.

You may find Celebrex reviews useful in giving anecdotal reports of how treatment affected various patients. However, always keep in mind that the way in which your body interacts with a drug is never completely predictable. A Celebrex review written by someone with the same medical history as you is still not a reliable guide to what you can expect from a course of treatment.

Once you have begun a course of treatment, alert a physician to any allergic reactions, such as facial swelling and the development of rashes. Rather than reading Celebrex reviews to determine what to do, do not hesitate to seek out emergency medical care. Such responses may lead to potentially fatal consequences. Do not delay receiving appropriate medical care in favor of reading a Celebrex review for advice on what to do.

The authors of Celebrex reviews cannot be held legally responsible for the consequences of taking incorrect advice. However, if you experience a severe adverse reaction with long-lasting consequences after following a physician's guidelines rather than those of a Celebrex review, inform them immediately. If they are negligent in determining how to change your treatment, leading to serious medical injury, you may have grounds for a malpractice lawsuit.