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How do I Buy Allegra?
Allegra, which is primarily comprised of the drug fexofenadine, is an over-the-counter medication. Allegra is effective in combatting allergy symptoms, hay fever, and in some cases, hives. Because the drug is available OTC in the United States, any consumer may go to their local drug store to buy Allegra. 
Allegra comes in many forms; each version of the drug is attached with a different Allegra price. The various forms of Allegra are meant to be consumed by specific age groups. In addition to different application methods, Allegra comes in different strengths; the higher the dosage, the higher the Allegra price and vice versa. So, before you buy Allegra, you must understand what version of the drug is appropriate for you. 
Allegra prices fluctuate based on dosage; the drug comes in 30 mg, 120 mg and 180 mg form. As with all drugs, it is vital that you stick to the instructions provided by your doctor or those found on the packaging. 
What to know before you Buy Allegra:
Before you buy Allegra you must understand the different types of medicines offered by Sanofi—the drug’s primary manufacturer. As stated above, before you buy Allegra acknowledge that the drug comes in 5 different forms, each with three different dosage levels. The first form, which is a tablet that provides 24 allergy relief, is meant for individuals ages 12 and up. You can buy this type of Allegra at any drug store and most supermarkets. The Allegra price will fluctuate based on where you shop but the average Allegra price for this version of the drug will be $30. Before you buy Allegra, please notice the tablet count located on the front of the box. This described version of Allegra comes with 45 pills. 
Another version of Allegra, known as Allegra-D, utilizes two separate components (histamine blocker and nasal decongestant) to fight allergy symptoms. The Allegra price, before you buy Allegra, for this particular drug is the most expensive—the Allegra price is typically around $40 for the Allegra D version. 
Other forms of Allegra are far cheaper: the Allegra indoor & outdoor Allergies 24-hour tablets typically feature Allegra prices between $12 and $15. The Children’s Allegra Allergy Indoor/Outdoor 12-hour Orally Disintegrating Tablets feature Allegra prices between $10 and $15. The liquid Children’s Allegra Allergy Indoor & outdoor Allergies 12-hour Oral Suspension drug feature Allegra prices between $10 and $15. And lastly, before you buy Allegra you should look into the Allegra prices attached to the store-brand Indoor and Outdoor 180 mg Allergy relief tablets. These Allegra prices are the cheapest you will find; however, they are not produced by Allegra’s manufacturer. 




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