Avodart Instructions

Avodart Instructions

Avodart Instructions


Avodart Instructions: What is Avodart?


Avodart, which goes by the generic name Dutasteride, is used by itself or with other drugs to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (the enlargement of the prostate). Avodart is used to relieve the symptoms associated with BPH.


Avodart is effective by reducing the chances of developing urinary retention (the sudden inability to urinate). Avodart, in addition to these benefits, may also decrease the user’s need for prostate surgery.


Avodart belongs to a class of drugs called 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. The drug works by obstructing the production of natural substances that enlarge the prostate. Clinical studies have also shown that Avodart may be effective in preventing male pattern baldness. 


Avodart Instructions:


If you are prescribed Avodart, you must follow the Avodart instructions provided by your medical professional or those found on your prescription label. Failure to adhere to these Avodart instructions will result in a diminishment of the drug’s effectiveness or an increase in the appearance of the drug’s side effects.


Before taking Dutasteride, Avodart instructions state the following:


• Avodart instructions state that you should inform your pharmacist or doctor of any allergies to finasteride (active drug in Propecia), or any other ingredients found in Avodart. 


• Inform your pharmacist or doctor what nonprescription and prescription medications, nutritional supplements and vitamins you are taking or planning to take. Your specific Avodart instructions concerning dosage and frequency may be altered based on this information. 


• Inform your doctor of any liver disease or prostate cancer


• Understand that Avodart should only be used by men; women should never handle Dutasteride capsules. 


Avodart instructions revolve around a singular premise: you should take the drug exactly as prescribed by your doctor or as reflected in the Avodart instructions stated on the prescription. Typical Avodart instructions require you to take the drug once a day--around the same time--with a full glass of water. Avodart instructions state that you may consume the drug with or without food. 


Avodart instructions state that you should never consume more or less of the drug than as prescribed to you. You should also never chew, crush or open the individual capsules. Avodart instructions, for all patients, require you to store the pills away from moisture and heat--this prevents the capsules from leaking or sticking together.

Your prescription length will vary based on particular Avodart instructions. Some patients may only require the medicine for a few months while others will need it for many years. Again, please follow the Avodart instructions as provided by your doctor or those located on your prescription label. Deviating from your Avodart instructions is not suggested under any circumstances. 





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