Avandamet Dosage

Avandamet Dosage

Avandamet Dosage


A brief guide to Avandamet dosage


Type II diabetics and those at risk of developing the disease may be prescribed Avandamet. The size of your particular Avandamet dose will be carefully monitored and adjusted by a physician as necessary. Before deciding whether you can benefit from an introductory Avandamet dosage, a physician must consider several factors, including liver, heart and kidney function.


There are two different active drugs which make up an Avandamet dose, metformin and rosiglitazone. Patients' receiving introductory Avandamet dosages will begin with the lowest possible level of rosiglitazone. Regardless of the assigned Avandamet dose, the drug should be taken twice daily with food. 


It is important to monitor all side effects when you begin treatment with any Avandamet dosage. Allergic reactions may occur when you begin treatment regardless of the size of your prescription. Shortness of breath, tongue swelling and other indications of an allergic reaction should receive immediate medical care. These side effects may also indicate that treatment with any Avandamet dose is unsafe and should be discontinued.


It is important to schedule regular consultations to monitor patient health. Regardless of dosage, patients should be alert to any indication of heart failure, including rapid weight gains. If these are reported, physicians may decrease or discontinue the assigned Avandamet dose to safeguard patient health.


Assuming no immediate side effects are observed, patients may continue with their Avandamet dosage on an indefinite basis. Patients should observe their intake schedule and avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, which can lessen the efficacy of an Avandamet dose. You should also be cautioned about the risk of kidney impairment, known as impaired hepatic function. Blood tests should be conducted to ensure that an Avandamet dosage is not endangering your body's natural functions. 


Regardless dose a doctor prescribes; you are required to follow your physician's intake directions. Inform a physician if any serious or long-lasting adverse effects result from administration. Medical professionals who are not made aware of said developments may not be held liable if negative long-term consequences ensue present themselves. 


In the past, Avandamet dosages leading to heart attacks or strokes were ruminated through the filing of lawsuits.  If you feel you have grounds to sue the manufacturer for failing to provide sufficient warning, you should consult with an experienced drug lawyer. 





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