Ambien Addiction Treatment

Ambien Addiction Treatment

Ambien Addiction Treatment

What is Ambien?

Ambien, which is comprised of the drug zolpidem, is a sedative that is used to treat insomnia-related problems. Ambien comes in two forms: immediate release and extended release. The immediate release version of the form is used to help the user fall asleep, while the extended-release form delivers two separate layers of the drug—the first layer dissolves quickly to help you fall asleep, while the second layer dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep. Your doctor will ultimately determine which form of the drug is best for you. Ambien is used primarily for short-term (typically about two to six weeks) treatment of insomnia. 

What is the Side Effects Associated with Ambien?

The main problem with Ambien use is addiction. The drug is liberally prescribed by doctors in the United States for the long term treatment of insomnia. This presents a huge problem considering the drug is primarily meant for the short-term treatment of insomnia. Over-time the user becomes dependent on the drug, increasing the risk of not only an overdose but also reckless behavior. Ambien addiction is a serious problem in the United States and only rigorous Ambien addiction treatment programs can curb the dependency. 

Before getting into Ambien addiction treatment options, one must first understand the side effects of the drug. Side effects of Ambien include:

• Vomiting

• Dizziness

• Nausea

• Hallucinations 

• Fluctuations in libido

• Amnesia

• Increased appetite

• Short-term memory loss

• Headaches

• Increased impulsivity

• Intense extroversive behavior

Ambien Addiction Treatment:

Ambien addiction treatments are needed because a 2008 National Survey on Drug Use found that nearly 625,000 Americans aged 12 years and older reported a non-medical abuse of prescription sedatives. It must be stated, there is no universal Ambien addiction treatment method. An Ambien addiction treatment application may be right for one addict but for another.

Individuals who know or suspect they have an addiction to Ambien must immediately discuss their drug use and dependency with their doctor. If the medical professional sees issues, he or she should refer the patient to a facility where they can receive detoxication Ambien addiction treatment procedures—these Ambien addiction treatment methods are conducted under medical supervision. Entering a facility staffed by professionals who understand Ambien addiction offers the addict professional services and Ambien addiction treatment resources to effectively manage the withdrawal symptoms associated with the drug. 

Ambien addiction treatment includes dealing with muscle cramps, irritability, seizures, vomiting, sweating and fluctuations in mood. In certain cases, the most affective Ambien addiction treatment application is to take the addict back to the original dosage level and start to wean the addict off of the drug. The decision to implement this Ambien addiction treatment requires constant evaluation to determine whether the addiction warrants perpetual monitoring. 

Implementing Ambien addiction treatments usually involves a number of steps. The most important aspect of every Ambien addiction treatment program; however, is to have the patient break free of the physical effects of the drug by detoxing the addict. It is also suggested, as an effective course of Ambien Addiction Treatment, that the addict check into a treatment center or Ambien rehab clinic to learn how to cope with the issues that led to the addiction. These Ambien addiction treatment centers will also re-teach the addict how to live a sober life. 





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