Ambien Abuse

Ambien Abuse

Ambien Abuse

A brief overview of Ambien abuse

Issued to insomniacs, the prescription medication Ambien carries many risks even when taken as directed by a physician. Ambien overdose symptoms can occur when people misuse or take this drug in greater quantities than directed. Ambien abuse consists of deliberately disregarding physician and manufacturer directions. This can be done for several reasons and always risks resulting in Ambien overdose symptoms, which can lead to potentially fatal complications.

One reason that Ambien abuse may ensue is if patients do not find their insomnia relieved by the dosage prescribed the doctor. In this case, they may take two pills at once. Exceeding the recommended dosage can create Ambien overdose symptoms and serious health consequences. This form of Ambien abuse should not be attempted at any time.

However, Ambien overdose symptoms can also ensue if you take the drug without a physician's prescription. Recreation Ambien abuse is undertaken by many people who enjoy the side effects of the drug. There is no safe level of overuse of the drug which can be guaranteed to preclude the possibility of Ambien overdose symptoms. 

It is possible to develop a chemical dependence on the drug without committing Ambien abuse. While following a physician's instructions, a patient may find that they have difficulty withdrawing from the drug, which manifests itself in the form of panic attacks, cramps and other forms of discomfort. These are not the same as Ambien overdose symptoms, which take the form of making the person ingesting them very sleepy. There is a possibility of slipping into a coma when committing Ambien abuse.

When you meet with a physician, they will generally assign you a low dosage. Adults who take over 12.5 mg of the drug a day risk experiencing Ambien overdose symptoms. Whatever regimen is assigned, do not commit Ambien abuse by taking multiple doses at once. A physician should always be consulted about any changes in your intake. 

If you believe that someone else is displaying Ambien overdose symptoms, emergency medical care should be sought immediately. Ambien abuse should not be concealed from those treating the patient. This will make it difficult to effectively evaluate the patient's recovery from Ambien overdose symptoms.

Those who are deliberately overusing the drug should seek out medical assistance when they wish to quit using it. Abruptly halting Ambien abuse may result in extremely uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, including gastrointestinal problems. You should consult with a doctor who can help you what to understand during this process. While withdrawal can be unpleasant, it is not a process which can result in death.

When Ambien abuse leads to severe medical consequences, neither the manufacturer nor a physician can be held legally responsible. Regardless of the severity of the outcome of Ambien overdose symptoms, their very occurrence was due to your deliberate misuse of the drug. Therefore, you cannot sue someone else to obtain financial compensation relating to serious health consequences, lost wages and related damages. 





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