Allegra and Pregnancy

Allegra and Pregnancy

Allegra and Pregnancy

What is the current news on Allegra and pregnancy?

Though Allegra is generally harmless, even in overdose, sufficient research has not been done to determine if these is a danger to the mother or the child in the pregnancy.  Only nominal animal testing has established some link between possible birth defects and an Allegra and pregnancy overdose.  Though there is no definitive proof of this link in humans, one should contact the doctor to discuss the possibility of Allegra and pregnancy and if risk factors dictate that the treatment should be stooped.

Is Allegra and pregnancy necessary?

Allergy medication is largely unnecessary for pregnant women and provides no benefits to the child.  For that reason, doctors will generally advise that lower doses or a complete termination of Allegra and pregnancy is necessary as a precautionary measure.

What is the official regulation on Allegra and pregnancy?

The official designation from the FDA is that Allegra and pregnancy is a category C.  This means that has not been testing and a definitive danger proven, though there is some cause to consult with ones doctor in determining if an Allegra and pregnancy relationship should be terminated.

Are my allergies worse during pregnancy?

You might feel like your allergies are getting worse and that you will need Allegra and pregnancy.  In pregnancy, the mucous membranes of the mother swell.  This will increase the stuffiness that is felt during allergy season.

Talking to you doctor about Allegra and pregnancy

You should speak to a doctor when you are pregnant or may become pregnant, as all medications you are on will need to be evaluated.  You will also ask the doctor’s opinion on Allegra and pregnancy.  Opinions vary but a decision in your interest will be made to have you get allergy relief, either through Allegra and pregnancy or a safer and more established alternative that is known definitively to be safe for pregnant mothers.





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