Allegra and Orange Juice

Allegra and Orange Juice

Allegra and Orange Juice

Allegra and Orange Juice: What is Allegra?


Allegra, which utilizes the drug Fexofenadine, is a popular allergy medication used to relieve sneezing; watery or itchy eyes and itching of the throat, roof of mouth and nose. Allegra is safe for use in patients 2 years and older. 


Allegra, aside from relieving allergy symptoms, may be administered to fight Urticaria, a medical condition that features hives and itchy raised areas of the skin. Allegra is an antihistamine; these drugs are effective through their ability to impede the formation of histamine, a natural substance in the body that fosters allergy symptoms.  


Allegra comes in both pill and liquid form; both forms are meant to be consumed orally with a full glass of water once or twice a day. It is suggested that users do not take Allegra and orange juice or other juices that contain Naringin, magnesium or citric acid. Allegra and Orange juice is not a recommended consumption compliment because the juice blocks the body from absorbing the medication.  If you take Allegra and Orange juice your body is obstructed from maximizing the drug’s efficiency. 


You should take Allegra at around the same time each day. Although dosage levels fluctuate based on particular needs, you should adhere to the directions on your prescription label or those provided by your pharmacist or medical doctor. If you are confused with any aspect of your prescription, you must consult with the aforementioned medical professionals. It is essential that you do not waver from your prescription directions; failure to abide by these directions will diminish efficiency and/or increase the risks of developing side effects.


Why Can’t I take Allegra and Orange Juice?


Taking Allegra and Orange Juice is not recommended. Allegra and orange juice does not pose safety or healthy risks; however, combining Allegra and disrupts the medicine’s effectiveness. 


Medical studies and clinical trials show that combining Allegra and orange juice decreases the amount of the drug absorbed into the blood stream. , When taking Allegra and Orange Juice, the citrus drink’s Naringin blocks the absorption of the drug. In addition to Naringin, Allegra and Orange juice should be avoided because the juice has minerals (magnesium and aluminum) and antacids that impede the absorption of Allegra in the body. So, although Allegra and Orange juice is not dangerous, the combination will effectively dissipate the drug’s effectiveness in curbing allergy symptoms. 




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