Advair HFA

Advair HFA

Advair HFA


Advair HFA is an alternative to the Advair Diskus. As a unique form of Advair, the HFA model is effective in alleviating inflammation and constriction of airways.  Similar to the Diskus version, the Advair HFA form does not replace a recue inhaler (though it does come in inhaler form).

Advair HFA inhalers are good for 120 uses; each use is tracked by a counter on the inhaler, when the counter reaches 20 a refill is suggested. You must follow the instructions included in the package to prime the inhaler and ensure that it is working properly before you start administering the medication.

What is the primary distinction of this drug?

Advair HFA contains both fluticasone and salmeterol with the primer being a corticosteroid and the latter being a beta agonist.  This is different from other medications that only use the corticosteroid to reduce the selling and inflammation of airways. Salmeterol provides a long term opening of the lung promote breathing for those suffering from asthma symptoms.  To bolster efficacy, the Advair HFA inhaler must be used daily, as per the instructions provided with the inhaler, as well as the cleaning and operation instructions.

How do I use the Advair HFA inhaler?

Before using the inhaler you must shake it for five seconds. Once shaken, you will then form a seal around the inhaler and push down until the medication is discharged. You must attempt to hold the medication and your breath for at least 10 seconds before breathing normally.

Take as many does as directed by the doctor; never exceed this number or space the doses closely together.  12 hours should elapse between doses and if you miss a dose it is usually better to skip it rather than attempt to make it up. Most importantly, you will have to rinse and spit after every dose of Advair HFA.  This is to prevent infections and other issues in the mouth related to the use of Advair HFA.




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