Advair 250 50 Dosage

Advair 250 50 Dosage

Advair 250 50 Dosage

A brief guide to Advair 250 50 dosages

The prescription medication Advair can be assigned in doses of 100, 250 or 500 milligrams (mg) to patients suffering from asthma or other breathing difficulties. The Advair 250 50 dosage is the only dosage level prescribed to patients alternative breathing conditions, such as emphysema. These Advair 250 50 dosages are intended for long-term relief, while Advair dosages for asthma are assigned as short-term relief.

The Advair 250 50 dosage indicates that 250 mg of the drug are its active ingredient, while 50 mg comprise the powder that is ingested. This dry powder medication is ingested through an inhaler. Advair 250 50 dosages are taken twice a day, spaced twelve hours apart. Do not take more than this amount in an attempt to control serious symptoms, which will endanger your health.

If you are asthmatic, you will not initially be prescribed an Advair 250 50 dosage. Instead, you will begin your course of treatment with a 100 mg Advair dosage. If symptoms still persist without any negative side effects, your prescription will be increased to Advair 250 50 dosages. Should this increase still fail to control your symptoms, your Advair 250 50 dosage may be increased to 500 mg. Patients breathing conditions different Asthma, will only be prescribed Advair 250 50 dosages.

Immediately report any adverse effects you notice after beginning a course of treatment. If you have difficulty breathing following ingestion of an Advair 250 50 dosage and an emergency inhaler does not help, visit an emergency room or other medical care facility immediately. Be alert to skin rashes or other dermatological conditions that result after beginning your course of Advair 250 50 dosages. These are indications that your body is experiencing an allergic reaction to an Advair 250 50 dosage and you may need to discontinue use.

Whatever the strength of your prescription, extended use of the drug by asthmatics increases the risk of asthma-related fatality. Once Advair 250 50 dosages have curtailed your serious symptoms, a doctor will create a plan to slow down and discontinue use of the medication entirely. Prolonged ingestion of an Advair 250 50 dosage can also weaken your immune system, increasing your risk for pneumonia and other illnesses. Report any feeling of weakness or sickness to your doctor immediately.

Proper supervision by a physician when taking Advair 250 50 dosages should include warning you about all potential adverse effects and discontinuing use as indicated. If a doctor does not safeguard your health and serious side effects ensue, you may have grounds for a malpractice lawsuit. Consult a lawyer if you wish to consider a lawsuit relating to ingestion of an Advair 250 50 dosage. Do not attempt self-representation in an attempt to save money. Proving a direct connection between your medication and long-lasting health damage is a complicated task best handled by a lawyer experienced in such litigation.





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