Adderall Addiction

Adderall Addiction

Adderall Addiction

A Brief Overview of Adderall Addiction

The prescription medication Adderall contains amphetamines as part of its overall makeup, making it potentially highly addictive. It is therefore, a physician's responsibility to instruct patients concerning proper use. Moreover, a physician must routinely evaluate the patient to ensure that no habit-forming tendencies arise.

Adderall dependency can occur even if patients follow their physician's guidelines, forcing the exchange of information between you and your doctor to be honest and perpetual.

When a physician prescribes Adderall, they will inquire as to whether your family has a prior history of chemical or alcohol addiction. This is an indication patients may be more likely to develop Adderall addictions. If so, a physician will be unlikely to prescribe the drug.

Once an initial dosage has been assigned, a physician will slowly increase the amount of the drug taken every day as necessary. During this time, you should be alert to any sign that you may be developing an Adderall addiction. This may not always be easy to determine. During the initial period when a physician is increasing your dosage, a lack of efficacy does not mean that Adderall addictions are developing. Such increases are merely intended to determine what kind of intake schedule is most appropriate for your medical needs.

However, once a satisfactory regimen has been achieved, patients who find they must continually increase intake to achieve the same results may be developing an Adderall addiction. To guard against this possibility, a physician may ask that you keep records of any effects you notice while taking the drug. Doctors may also periodically order a halt in intake to see how you respond and observe any signs of withdrawal indicating Adderall addictions.

Because the potential for abuse is so high, your prescription cannot be automatically refilled. Regularly scheduled physician consultations will be required so that a doctor can question you about any signs of Adderall addiction and renew your prescription. A physician may discontinue the drug against your wish if they feel you are at risk of developing a debilitating dependency.

Adderall addictions endanger your health, since they increase the chance of side effects such as cardiac arrest or strokes occurring. Those with especially severe problems may purchase the medication through an illegal source rather than obtaining a prescription. In this case, an Adderall addiction will be financially ruinous in addition to being medically dangerous.

If this kind of condition ensues, many different factors will determine whether you have grounds for a successful lawsuit. Adderall addictions that occur as the result of deliberate disregard of physician instructions cannot be sued over. Similarly, you cannot pursue compensation over such a condition stemming from illegally acquired drugs. However, if Adderall addiction ensued despite following physician instructions, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. In such cases, lawsuits concerning Adderall addictions may sue the parent company for failing to provide proper prescription guidelines.

Regardless of the circumstances, Adderall addiction is not to be taken lightly. If you observe such a dependency occurring, contact your physician immediately. Adderall addictions must be ended before you can think of pursuing litigation.





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