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Celebrex Recall

What to expect from a Celebrex recall

The prescription medication Celebrex carries many risks for adults with chronic pain issues related to arthritis, menstruation or other conditions. Though in the past a recall on Celebrex has been considered, it is unlikely that this event will occur. The reason that the FDA considered a Celebrex recall was that the manufacturing company's studies suggested that the drug placed users at increased risk for fatal complications, such as heart attack or stroke.

When your physician prescribes the drug, they will not worry about the possibility of a recall on Celebrex interrupting your course of treatment. It is generally not recommended to continue treatment with this medication for an extended period of time. Even without the interruption of a Celebrex recall, a physician should try to minimize the dosage strength and period of treatment. Thanks to the information available about the drug's potentially dangerous complications, physicians did not need a recall on Celebrex to alert them to the need for careful monitoring of patients.

Now that information about these potentially fatal side effects is included in the prescription information, the FDA is currently not considering a Celebrex recall. Also included among these documented side effects is an increased risk for ulcers and internal bleeding. Do not wait for a recall on Celebrex to report any gastrointestinal discomfort to a doctor. Many such incidents have been reported without leading to a Celebrex recall.

Report all negative side effects to a physician in order for them to evaluate whether to continue treatment. Even if you do not find reports of similar reactions in manufacturer information, a physician may be aware of other such cases indicating that a cessation of treatment is necessary.

If adverse effects recall which are not warned against in the prescription information, your physician may choose to report the details of your case to the FDA. This information will be considered when the organization considers ordering a recall on Celebrex. This will not preclude filing litigation for compensation even if a Celebrex recall is not ordered.

In the event that a recall on Celebrex does occur, you will want to make sure that you have properly maintained all documentation concerning your purchase and ingestion of the drug. For example, the manufacturing company may issue a Celebrex recall if they discover that some tablets sent out were tainted or otherwise unsafe. In order to join a class-action lawsuit of patients affected by taking drugs cited in a recall on Celebrex, you will need to prove that you consumed some of the tablets in question, directly leading to adverse health consequences.

Should the FDA issue a Celebrex recall pulling the drug from the market entirely, you may also be able to sue the manufacturer. This kind of legal action regarding a recall on Celebrex may be taken solely or, more likely, as part of a larger class-action lawsuit. Whatever happens in this situation, you will still need records of your purchase this medication to join litigation after a Celebrex recall.