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A brief guide to Celebrex

The prescription medication Celebrex is issued to people with various forms of arthritis, as well as to provide relief from pain caused by menstruation. When enquiring "What is Celebrex?" you should expect a doctor to provide a thorough overview of the benefits and risks of this course of treatment. While this drug can be effective, it is important that treatment be completed as quickly as possible at the lowest possible dose to guard against serious Celebrex side effects.

A doctor answering the question "What is Celebrex?" should begin by explaining the type of pain relief you should expect to obtain from treatment. Before prescribing the medication, a physician must question you extensively about your medical background and status. The manufacturer has provided an extensive list of medications which may react badly if taken at the same time as Celebrex. Those who are allergic to aspirin should not be prescribed the medication. Asthma and various heart conditions can also be reasons that a doctor who has answered "What is Celebrex?" may decide you should not take this medication.

Celebrex is issued in various dosage strengths, ranging from 50 to 400 mg pills. The amount of your total dosage, whether the pills should be consumed with food and how often you will be taking them every day will depend on your condition. A physician who has explained what is Celebrex should have their symptoms followed precisely in order to guard against serious side effects.

Several potential side effects of Celebrex may emerge over the course of treatment. When giving an overview of what is Celebrex, a doctor should explain that at any time, ulcers may develop as a result of this treatment. Symptoms may not always indicate this development. However, any stomach discomfort should be reported to a physician, as this may be an indication of serious harm being caused by Celebrex.

Patients who are receiving an explanation of what is Celebrex should also be informed that treatment carries a risk of heart attack or stroke. The risk of these incidents is higher in those with previous heart trouble. One of the reasons your treatment period should be limited is because the risk of this Celebrex side effect increases with prolonged use.

Once you begin course of treatment, you should also be aware of any skin rashes or irritations which develop. These may indicate an allergic reaction or the development of a more serious condition. During their briefing regarding what is Celebrex, a physician should make it clear that these reactions should be immediately reported to a medical professional.

To familiarize yourself further with what is Celebrex, you should read the manufacturer's prescription information. This includes a thorough list of all potential side effects. By making this information available, the manufacturer protects themselves against litigation from people who feel they were not sufficiently warned of the risk of usage. However, if you feel you may have grounds for litigation relating to severe or fatal side effects, speak with a lawyer who can evaluate your case based on their prior experience with similar litigation.