A brief guide to Amitiza

People who experience chronic constipation for which no underlying medical cause has been found, as well as women with irritable bowel syndrome that includes constipation as a symptom, may wish to ask their doctor "What is Amitiza?" This FDA-approved medication is designed to control both such symptoms. Lubiprostone Amitiza can be prescribed on an indefinite basis without placing patients at risk for dependency or addiction.

Before prescribing Amitiza, a physician should ensure that their patients do not have additional medical problems which could be aggravated by treatment, such a chronic diarrhea. When explaining what is Amitiza, a physician should explain that treatment will generally begin an ingestion of 8 micrograms either once or twice a day. After observing how your body responds to Lubiprostone Amitiza, a physician may decide to increase your dosage. 

Amitiza is available in both 8 mcg and 24 mcg tablet form. It is important to follow a physician's guidelines when they outline what is Amitiza and not to deviate from their instructions. Side effects when taking Lubiprostone Amitiza can include diarrhea and flatulence. Report serious or persistent side effects of Amitiza to a physician to determine whether treatment should continue.

Within an hour of ingesting Lubiprostone Amitiza, you may experience shortness of breath. When explaining what is Amitiza, a physician should explain that these indicate you should obtain emergency medical care. Do not exceed your intake of Amitiza contrary to physician instructions in an attempt to control severe symptoms. While overdoses of Lubiprostone Amitiza have not been recorded to lead to fatalities, common reactions include nausea and vomiting. 

When outlining for a patient what is Amitiza, a physician should clearly explain all potential side effects. Once treatment has begun with Amitiza, patients and doctors should meet regularly to discuss whether treatment should continue. Lubiprostone Amitiza is currently not available in generic form. Therefore the expense of Amitiza treatment should be discussed. Check to see if your insurance policy offers any co-pay compensation or coverage when learning what is Amitiza. This will help you create a realistic budget to determine if you can afford to purchase Lubiprostone Amitiza for an indefinite period of time.

It is your responsibility to read all manufacturer and physician guidelines when researching what is Amitiza. The potential side effects are clearly outlined in all information provided by the manufacturer concerning Amitiza. Misuse of Lubiprostone Amitiza that results in serious adverse effects is the fault of the patient.

In the event that you experience adverse effects not warned against by the manufacturer, report such cases for the FDA to consider when they are reviewing what is Amitiza and evaluating its safety. If you feel a physician has not monitored your usage appropriately, consult a lawyer who is experienced in malpractice lawsuits. They will need to be able to demonstrate that a physician failed to appropriately monitor intake of Lubiprostone Amitiza, leading directly to long-lasting adverse effects. Maintain copies of all physicians’ reports in case you must establish such a case.





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