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Ambien CR Price

Ambien CR Price


What is Ambien CR?

Ambien CR (generic name zolpidem tartrate) is a hypnotic/sedative drug that is used to treat patients with sleeping problems/insomnia. Ambien CR is only available through prescription and should only be dministered to adults with insomnia or sleep maintenance issues. The CR refers to the time release version of the drug. 

Common side effects associated with the administration of Ambien Cr include: headache, depression, unusual behavior/thinking, aggression, anxiety, risk-taking and fatigue. 

Ambien CR is available in 6.25 and 12.5 mg doses. The drug is administered as an oral tablet; the tablet should not be divided, broken or chewed upon administration. Some patients, particularly the elderly, will require only 6.25 mg while adults with insomnia should take 12.5 mg. Dosage levels of Ambien CR should never exceed 12.5 per day. Ambien CR must be taken immediately before bedtime and the effectiveness of the pill will dissipate if taken in conjunction with a meal. 

Individuals on Ambien CR should avoid driving or partaking in any work that requires stringent attentiveness. Ambien CR is recommended not to exceed 2 weeks of usage; more frequent and severe occurrences of the aforementioned of side effects will be present if the drug is used for longer than recommended. In addition to the side effects listed above, other infrequent, more severe side effects include chest pains, allergic reactions, dementia, dermatitis, thrombosis and arrhythmias. Dependence or abuse of Ambien is commonly reported; abrupt stoppage of Ambien CR after long-term use may result in a severe withdrawal. 

What are Ambien CR Prices?

Ambien CR prices will fluctuate based on your dosage, your location and the pharmacy you pick-up from. Moreover, the Ambien CR price is obviously elastic to any discounts or coupons you have. Zolpidem, as the generic version, is cheaper than most Ambien CR prices; however, medical professionals throughout the United States will prescribe Ambien. 

Typical Ambien CR prices for 30 6.25 mg tablets will range from $70 to $200. These Ambien CR prices; however, do not factor in your insurance coverage. If your insurance provider covers Ambien CR prices, the Ambien CR price is typically small co-pay. If your dosage exceeds 2 weeks—or whatever the prescription contains—the Ambien Cr price for a refill will range between 15 and 30 US dollars. Remember Ambien CR prices and the Ambien CR price for a refill will fluctuate based on your location, your dosage levels and your insurance’s policy for covering the Ambien CR price.