Advair HFA Dosing

Advair HFA Dosing

Advair HFA Dosing


Because of individual instructions and side effects that result from misuse, it is vital to pay attention to the Advair HFA dosing instructions provided by your doctor. Every Advair HFA dose contains 21mcg (micrograms) of salmeterol, which is the agent that opens the airways to the lungs.  However, there are three distinct Advair HFA dosage levels, offering concentrations of 45,115 and 230 mcg of fluticasone to reduce inflammation.

Your doctor is responsible for recommending the appropriate level of corticosteroid. Advair HFA dosing is typically applied to those with severe lung ailments (such as chronic bronchitis) or diseases that cannot be controlled by corticosteroid treatments.  The Advair HFA medication differs from the Advair Diskus which does not include salmeterol.

How long does the Advair HFA dosage take to be effective?

The Advair HFA dosage takes roughly 30 minutes to begin working for patients suffering from asthma symptoms.  The Advair HFA dosing must be administered daily, regardless of symptoms, to be effective.  Note: in case of an asthma attack or emergency, only a rescue inhaler should be used. 

This Advair HFA dosing is not intended to be used as a rescue inhaler and the doctor will likely recommend that one remain in the home in case of an emergency.  You are not to stop taking the Advair HFA dosage until instructed to do so by the medical provider.

Advair HFA dosing for children

Children as young as four may take an Advair HFA dosage, although doses are somewhat elastic to age. Children should be supervised and instructions from the pharmacy should be followed before administering any doses.  

Getting the Advair HFA dosing ready

To prepare Advair HFA doses, the pump must be primed before first use.  This is accomplished through four test sprays following a vigorous shake of the unit.  All Advair HFA dosing inhalers carry a counter with the number of doses remaining.  When the counter for the Advair HFA dosage reaches 20, a new inhaler should be ordered--the inhaler should be discarded Advair HFA dosage counter reads zero.  Any residual medication left in the inhaler will not be the proper dose.

An Advair HFA dose is generally safe, but the patient should understand directions provided by their doctor or pharmacist must be followed to ensure that the risks associated with Advair HFA side effects are reduced.




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