Adderall Intake Instructions

Adderall Intake Instructions

Adderall Intake Instructions

Guide to Adderall intake instructions

The medication Adderall is prescribed by doctors to patients who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as adults who are narcoleptic. Because of its potentially harmful and addictive side effects, Adderall's usage by patients should be closely monitored by physicians. To ensure that the drug does not become counter-productive, users should follow their doctors' guidelines at all times.

Adderall can be taken in the form of a once-a-day extended release tablet or multiple tablets to be taken two to three times a day. Regardless of the form, Adderall prescription strength can range anywhere from 2.5 milligrams (mg) to 60 milligrams. In any strength, the drug should only be taken in the form of an orally ingested tablet.

Adderall intake instructions for Children

Children who begin taking Adderall will start treatment with a 2.5 mg tablet, while adults will generally begin with a 5 mg dosage. Doctors will then monitor the drug's effects and increase the dosage as appropriate until an effective intake level is achieved. To prevent patients from abusing the medication, a prescription cannot be automatically refilled. Regularly scheduled appointments must be necessary to receive renewals to allow doctors to question patients concerning the presence of any side effects.

Adderall intake instructions: Addiction

The drug's amphetamine component makes it potentially addictive. Before prescribing Adderall, a doctor will inquire whether you or family members have a history of drug or alcohol abuse. If so, they are unlikely to prescribe the drug. However, even those without a history of substance abuse should be cautious and observe any indication they are developing a dependency.

Warning : Adderall intake instructions

There are no special conditions that must be observed when taking the drug. It is irrelevant whether the drug is consumed with or without food. For those taking tablets multiple times a day, it is recommended that doses are separated by four to six hours apiece. Patients who forget to take a dose are recommended to take it as soon as they remember, although it is not advisable to take two pills at once to catch up.

It is important not to abuse the drug; never take more of it or use it more frequently than as prescribed by your doctor.  Some people may abuse Adderall by crushing and snorting it for recreational purposes. This is a dangerous act which can lead to many serious consequences, such as stroke or heart attack. Even when following a physician's instructions, it is important to be alert to any side effects which are observed.

Taking legal action: Adderall intake instructions

Patients who experience severe adverse effects may choose to pursue litigation to obtain damages for related medical expenses. Keep in mind that you will not be able to file a lawsuit if serious side effects occur due to abuse or overuse of the drug. If you have followed a doctor's directions and still experienced debilitating side effects, you will be potentially eligible to file a successful lawsuit. Consult a lawyer experienced in such cases rather than attempting to represent yourself in this complicated legal action.





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