Adderall Dosage

Adderall Dosage

Adderall Dosage

A Brief Overview of Adderall Dosage

Similar to many prescription drugs that help regulate brain function, determining the proper Adderall dose for patients suffering from ADHD or narcolepsy is not an exact science. To find the correct prescription level that effectively guards against an Adderall overdose, physicians and patients must cooperate in monitoring the drug's effects.

Adderall dosage for children under the age of six will generally begin with a 2.5 milligram tablet. After monitoring the effect of this Adderall dose, a physician may increase it in intervals of 2.5 milligrams at a time. For those six and older, Adderall dosage will generally begin with a 5 milligram tablet and be adjusted accordingly. At such small levels, an Adderall overdose is unlikely to occur.

The Adderall dose contained in every pill over 5 milligrams increases by 2.5 milligrams up to the 15 milligram pill. Higher strength Adderall dosage is provided in 20 and 30 milligram pills. To guard against Adderall overdose, a physician will not recommend increasing the amount taken every day before giving your body some time to react to the drug. You may be asked to keep records of how you respond every day to your Adderall dose.

The risk of Adderall overdose will not be determined by the form in which you take this pill. You may be prescribed a regimen that involves taking a smaller Adderall dose two to three times a day. To guard against Adderall overdose, these ingestions should be separated by four to six hours. Alternately, you may be prescribed an Adderall dosage in the form of an extended-release tablet taken in the morning. Whether taken with or without food, the risk of Adderall overdose should not increase in either instance.

Once you have begun your regimen of Adderall dosage, it is important to follow the guidelines as explained by your physician. The potential adverse effects of taking this drug range from mild effects such as difficulty sleeping up to more severe consequences like stroke or heart attack. These consequences are possible even if you do not take your pills faster than indicated or otherwise induce an Adderall overdose.

To ensure that your Adderall dose regimen does not lead to addiction, a physician may ask you to temporarily cease taking the drug from time to time. This will help a doctor observe how your body responds and adjust your Adderall dosage accordingly. Under no circumstances should this tablet be crushed and snorted rather than taken orally. This will increase the risk of an Adderall overdose.

Even with a physician's careful monitoring, any Adderall dose can lead to negative side effects. Report these immediately to your doctor. If your Adderall dosage leads to serious side effects, you may wish to pursue litigation. Lawyers experienced in such cases can sue the drug's manufacturer regardless of your Adderall dose regimen. They will need to demonstrate clear cause and effect between your taking the drug and subsequent negative health events.





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