Can You Overdose on Ambien

Can You Overdose on Ambien

Can You Overdose on Ambien


Can you Overdose on Ambien?

If you are wondering if you can overdose on Ambien, the answer is a definite yes. Ambien overdose is a very serious aspect of the sleep drug and must be taken seriously. 

Ambien, which is comprised of zolpidem tartrate, is a sleep medication that is used to treat short-term insomnia. So, when asking can you overdose on Ambien, you must understand that one can overdose on nearly any type of medication. It is therefore imperative to follow your prescription and advice procured from your doctor when taking the drug. If you do not adhere to said orders and if you abuse the drug, it can lead to an Ambien overdose death. 

The symptoms of an Ambien overdose death vary depending on a few factors, including whether the drug was taken with any other medication, drug or alcohol. The symptoms of an Ambien overdose death include the following (note: these symptoms of an Ambien overdose death are limiting): 

• Ambien overdose death may be precipitated by excessive tiredness

• Ambien overdose death can be precipitated by heart failure

• Can you overdose on Ambien? If you experience heart failure or lung failure you must immediately contact a medical professional. 

In rare cases, an excessive dosage of Ambien will result in an Ambien overdose death. Cases of an Ambien overdose death are typically precipitated by reckless behavior or the act of combing drugs. 

Can you Overdose on Ambien: How do you treat an Ambien Overdose?

If the user does not experience an Ambien overdose death, but simply an overdose, the treatment options will vary. If, when asking yourself can you overdose on Ambien, the overdose was recent than your healthcare provider may offer you certain medicines or place a tube in your stomach to pump the drug out of your system. However, once the drug is absorbed into your body, there is no procedure or treatment plan that can be implemented to remove the drug quickly. So, when asking yourself can you overdose on Ambien, you must realize that you can, and such a situation is dire. Treatment for an overdose involves supportive care, which typically consists of treating symptoms that occurs as a result of the Ambien overdose. 

Please do not ask yourself: can you overdose on Ambien; instead, be careful if you are prescribed the drug and never use it recreationally or provide it to people who are not prescribed it. 

Can you overdose on Ambien: Ambien overdoses can occur when a user ingests more the medication that the body can readily process. Ambien, which is one of the most commonly-prescribed prescription sleep medications, is a sedative that is meant to be used for the short-term treatment of insomnia. Although effective, the drug is liberally prescribed by doctors throughout the country for the long-term treatment of insomnia-related problems. Over prescription of the drug is a huge problem, for many users become addicted to the drug, leading to Ambien overdose deaths. Addictions to Ambien can occur if the user takes more of the drug than prescribed or when the user takes the drug in a reckless manner (mixes the drug with alcohol or other drugs). 





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