Amitiza Side Effects

Amitiza Side Effects

Amitiza Side Effects

A brief guide to Amitiza side effects

The prescription medication Amitiza is issued to patients with constipation related to irritable bowel syndrome or which does not seem related to other underlying medical conditions. The side effects of Amitiza can be uncomfortable but have not been found to result in fatalities. It is important that a physician clearly outline all potential Amitiza side effects and what to be alert for when taking the medication.

Some of the most common side effects of Amitiza include nausea, discomfort and diarrhea. Physicians should caution patients to be prepared for such potential Amitiza side effects, which may decrease with repeated use of the drug. Patients should not be concerned about developing a dependency or addiction. The side effects of Amitiza should not increase with time and long-term use poses no significant medical risks.

Once you take the drug, you may notice a feeling of tightness in the chest or a shortness of breath. While these Amitiza side effects should dispel within three hours, report them to a doctor regardless. If these side effects of Amitiza persist, this may be an indication that intake should cease.

Dosage will generally begin with 8 mcg tablets. After observing how your body responds to treatment and any Amitiza side effects which occur, a physician may increase the dosage as appropriate. Long-term use and side effects of Amitiza should be periodically reassessed by patients and physicians. 

Data regarding occurrence of Amitiza side effects in children, the elderly and pregnant women is not yet available. Therefore, it is not known whether usage in these groups will be safe or effective. Women who are pregnant should consult with their physician whether side effects of Amitiza use endanger the health of their fetus.

Do not take more of the drug than directed to by a physician. Amitiza side effects during an overdose have not been reported to result in a fatality. However, severe diarrhea can occur and pre-existing conditions, such as stomach bleeding, may be aggravated. Overuse of the drug without consulting a physician in an attempt to control symptoms places you at greater risk for adverse side effects of Amitiza. 

When a physician decides that usage of the drug can be discontinued, you should not notice any serious withdrawal-related Amitiza side effects. However, do not cease use of the drug without first speaking to your doctor. If you forget to take a dose, do not take the double prescribed amount to catch up. This will increase the likelihood of side effects of Amitiza.

Should you feel that a physician compromised your care by failing to adequately monitor your intake, resulting in long-term adverse effects, you may wish to speak with a lawyer. An attorney experienced in malpractice lawsuits can evaluate your chances of obtaining financial compensation relating to negligent care. You should also consult with a lawyer if you experience serious Amitiza side effects not documented in the prescription guidelines. Such cases should be reported to the FDA before you contact a lawyer.





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