Advair HFA Side Effects

Advair HFA Side Effects

Advair HFA Side Effects

Advair HFA Side Effects

How does Advair HFA work?

What separates Advair HFA from other types of inhalers is the addition of salmeterol, the primary ingredient to help unclog constricted airways. Fluticasone, the other active ingredient in the inhaler, is a corticosteroid that reduces general inflammation

What are the most minor Advair HFA side effects?

The most minor Advair HFA side effects are headaches, dry mouth, hoarseness sinus pain and dizziness.  Some of these are rarer than others but all are uniformly deemed nonthreatening in a standard dosing regimen.  If these Advair HFA side effects persist, you should speak with your doctor to ensure safe use.  Reoccurring, yet minor Advair HFA side effects can be a long term issue.

What are moderate Advair HFA side effects?

Individuals with allergies, especially those allergic to milk proteins might have a reaction to the medication.  

White sores and patches on the tongue have been reported as Advair HFA side effects, though those taking this medication are already advised to rinse and spit after every dose to discourage the formation of growths.  Blurred vision and irregular heartbeats are serious conditions that might necessitate medical care.

The most severe Advair HFA side effects include loss of consciousness, asthma attacks and trouble breathing.  These effects are deemed rare, but if present, emergency services must be contacted immediately.  

How do I mitigate Advair HFA side effects?

It is necessary, to reduce Advair HFA side effects, that you follow your doctor’s prescription instructions.  The most common source of harmful Advair HFA side effects is a general disregard to your Advair dosage instructions; taking the drug more frequently or upping your dose increases your chance of developing Advair HFA side effects
Since the inhaler can be used multiple times, another important step in preventing Advair HFA side effects is to keep the device clear and free of residue.  Proper maintenance will ensure that no medicinal residue will affect your dosage amount.  Additionally, you must discard the inhaler once it reaches zero, though the inhaler might still be full.  Any inhaled doses after the counter hits zero cannot be trusted for accuracy in the amount received.





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